Friday, May 7, 2010

A few things in the works...

Just thought I would share a few things I have been working on this past week. Sadly, I have not been able to do much sewing:( But this is a project I began earlier in the week and am hoping to do a bit more work on this weekend.

This is a bundle of clothing I have been thrifting the past few months, adding to here and there to get the color combos I wanted. It is quite an eclectic group but I think it should be fun to see them mooshed together!

I began by cutting the clothing pieces into 5 inch strips.

Then I took about half of those strips and cut them into 5 inch squares.

After sewing pairs of squares-hey sounds like a little jingle!

I cut the remaining strips into 9 1/2 inch long strips and sewed them to the pairs of squares.

Here is a finished block

I spent some time playing with the placing of the blocks. I am excited because I have enough blocks to do a lap quilt, table runner, and some pillows! I am still always a bit surprised just how much I am able to get out of clothes! They really do go along way when you are using them for quilting! I even have a gorgeous scrap pile left too!

I will make sure to post the progress(if I make any) AND-While I love these prints and colors, they do not match my home, so someday they should be in the shop;)


  1. Those are beautiful colors together!

    Jennifer :)

  2. Those are some pretty "funky" looking prints, I like but I don't see stuff like that here in SD. Lots of shabby chic here.

    Love the quilt your making.

    Blessings, Jilly

  3. WOW, love the look. You must have better thrift stores than me because I never see anything like that, of course I usually look for wool or sheets, guess I Will have to start looking at the clothing too. :)

  4. ooo! they're my it!
    happy mothers day sis.