Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Little Man is Over 3 Months Old!!

That moment just one year ago is fast approaching, when we found out that our lives would be blessed yet again with a beautiful little life.  Isn't it amazing what kind of changes can occur in just one year, changes that define the rest of your life and that of your family.  Well, our little Israel is over 3 months old now and pure joy pretty much every minute of every day!  He continues to grow into a beautiful little boy.

And for those of you sweeties that follow my creative projects-just a side note, those wee little pants Israel is wearing were made from a men's polo shirt.  They are the cuddliest little things. Oh how I wish all my kiddos clothes were able to be made from one simple top!;)  Oh to keep them little.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Pair a Day is Now Over...Now the Work Begins...

Wasn't quite sure when and if the mitten season in the shop was going to begin, so I just kept plugging along, working with what supplies I had for this year.  My shelves were getting plump full and then it happened...they disappeared;)-Within a two day period of time, over 30 mittens were on their way to their new owners...So now...mittens, mittens, mittens in the early morning hours and the wee nighttime hours...maybe even a few in between dinner cooking, classes taught, feeding and cuddling the babe, etc.  But I am having fun once again with the creating of unique new mittens!!  Here are some of the mittens that are restocking the shelves.

Blueberry pie that was only in the shop for 10 minutes ;)

Orange Julius -rested on the shelves for an afternoon...

Grape Jelly is heading of with Orange Julius...

and a lovely romantic neutral is on it's way to a new home as well.

Here is a romantic neutral pair just listed this afternoon.

And a new pumpkin patch pair just added to the shop.

Friday, October 19, 2012


I will be having a weekend sale in the shop Friday through Sunday.  All purchases will be 30% off with use of this coupon code- "WEEKEND30".  Hope you are having a great day!!  Blessings to each of you!

Day 18-Pair of Mittens a Day...

Today's Pair of Mittens-Pumpkin Patch. Size- Women. With a rainy cozy week inside, some thanksgiving inspired mittens came about.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 16 and 17-Pair of Mittens a Day..

Here are today's pair of mittens-Alpine Vacation.  They are a child size 4-8.

And Yesterday's pair of Winter Vacation Mittens-womens

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Making Little Bits of Progress on a Rainy Weekend...

It's one of those perfect weekends for getting some much needed little projects of odds and ends done around here.  It is rainy and cozy, there are a couple of us gone at camp this weekend and some little ones just craving some playtime.  So, I have the cans of paint crowding the kitchen table-all kinds of fun colors needing to finish those unfinished projects, touch up those beat on floor boards and walls, and perk up some newly purposed furniture.  Little projects, easier to take a bite out of with a wee babe at my side and fun to see finished after months of 'needing to get around to it someday".

This shelf has finally gotten a good paint job and has also found the perfect spot and function(for now at least)  And my collection of type writers finally can be out of the way but on display too.  Won't that be fun a new crawler in a few months;).
And the old dresser that has had uncountable uses over the years, is the perfect fit for a changing table for Israel.  He's only 3 months-not bad-right?!  It is a fresh new coat of gray and the mirror is just my most favorite part.  Israel is so fascinated by it and I fascinated by him in turn!  I am hoping to get a new cover made for the changing mat, but for now the fun quilt will do.

Lots of white tables, doors and base boards are being freshened up-wow, do they take a beating from us!

We also needed a bit more seating upstairs and had 2 oversized ottomans who were a bit overbearing for a house our size, so I put them in the corner to make a cozy nook to lounge.  Problem solved.

I also wanted to share about this amazing rug I now have in our living room.  My mom made it!!  She did this for my birthday this past year.  It took 7 months of work-isn't it beautiful!  We originally planned to add red on the outer edge, and maybe still will, but I couldn't wait any longer-it was just too gorgeous not to steal from her!!  She does amazing work.  You can see some other rugs she has available in her shop.

And the girls are looking forward to painting one of their dressers and shelves later today.  So rain, glorious rain, keep it coming!!  Nothing better than a cozy cup of hot cocoa on a rainy fall day after accomplishing some much needed up keep!

Pair of Mittens a Day..Day 13, 14, and 15!

Didn't get a chance yesterday to sit down and share the pairs of mittens added yesterday...I was busy with some painting projects once school was over.  Here is a peek at what is in progress around here and the mittens for the last few days.

I am finally getting around to getting Israel's changing table done!!  He's only 3 months ;).

Day 13-Owl Party Mittens-Older Child

Day 14-Spotty Dotty-Child

Day 15-Spotty Dotty-Older Child

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 12-Pair of Mittens a Day...

Today's Pair of Mittens, come with a matching hat.  Done with the elephant theme.  It is a toddler size combo for either boy or girl.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 9 and 10...Pair of Mittens a Day...and Now Day 11

Here's a little catch up on the mittens around here.  Two pair from the days before.

A toddler size Ellie Elephant pair.

And a teen sized heart pair.

Hoping to finish up a pair for today-we'll see:)

**Update-I was able to finish up this little pair after dinner tonight.  A toddler pair of spotty dotty mittens.

Adjusting...and Remembering...

One thing that I am so very grateful for in my life, is the ability to remember.  It really is a gift from the Lord , isn't it?  That ability in itself can be the hope we need in our lives to continue on, to find joy, and even to rest!  And even more importantly, it is a gift to know it was the Lord who went through those times with you and is doing so again.  A God who cares about even the smallest of details.

A baby is always an adjustment, and that adjustment doesn't take away any of the amazing joy you feel or love you have for that new little life, but it is an adjustment none the less. I have wrestled needlessly because I expected the adjustment to go almost seamlessly since I have already done this 5 times (I know you are giggling at me right now). Kind of a funny concept in the first place because life does not go seamlessly even without the arrival of a whole new life.  I am changing my mindset very purposefully, so the Lord can have room in there to teach me, amaze me and grow me.

After Israel was born, I went through a 5 week "high" period.  Here I had this amazing little life, that we never thought we would have.  I felt the amazing contrast between my pregnancy and being back to health in every moment.  Even my mind seemed to be healed, hopeful, clear and motivated.  Sleep was not always good, but I seemed to function fine without it.  But as I neared that 6 week mark, something seemed to change.  Tiredness began to really set in, but sleep even when available, was not always easy.  School started up, and that "I can do this" began to fade as I added the homeschooling of all of the kiddos except Izy.  Work was becoming a challenge to find time for.  Matt was beginning his school year with the youth ministries and that is always a crazy crazy time of year for him-he becomes a bit of a stranger-working all day and into the late night hours, falling asleep on the couch as soon as he returns home.  And I begin to miss him.  He had 3 conferences in a one week period of time, and I was thankful to be able to go on one of them, but honestly it made life a bit overwhelming when we returned.  So by last week, I wanted to just lay flat on the floor, face down until everything stopped spinning.  Tears come so easily, which I have come to believe are helpmates to dealing with the changes and demands I am facing. I would rather be soft and cry than to get angry and become hard.  We are saying "no" when we can and asking the Lord to give us strength when we can't say no.

During this time we also had to go through the process of making sure I could not carry another baby because of the health risks.  Whoa....saying that out loud(or typing it out loud in this case still really stings-ALOT).  Honestly, it remains to be a grieving process as if it were a loss in our lives.  And, for me, who God made me to be, made Matt, even with 6 beautiful children, it was the hardest decision we have ever made as a couple-ever! Every sweet little stage Israel grows out of, stings a bit more, knowing he is our last.  So, the Lord has had to shelter me a bit more than normal with His comfort and peace.  It has actually been more like me burying my face in His chest and soaking it with tears and taking a very deep breath every so often.  And thus far, it has been a very private and quiet experience for Matt and I and the kids-guess not so much any more:). I guess today -which I did not expect when I awoke this morning- is going to be another day in the process of healing my heart and mind.

But in all of these things, remembering how the Lord has brought us through times like these, helps me to see the joy in each day despite the struggles that may come up against.  It helps me to relax and allow things to take time to fall into place.  It helps me not to panic or rush or try to do it on my own.  Hopefully our kiddos will see it's ok to wrestle with change, and be thankful for it at the same time.

So on a much lighter note!!  Israel is 11 weeks! He weighs in at 13.7-and is just so cuddly!  Sleeping great, eating great, and becoming more and more playful and talkative!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 8-Pair of Mittens a Day

Took a small break while Matt and I were at the Desiring God conference in Minneapolis this past week.  It was a blessed trip and as always, encouraged Matt and I to keep seeking the Lord in our lives, in our ministry and in our family.  Gave Matt and I some quiet time together, something we have not had all to much of since our youngest was born this summer.  We took Israel with and enjoyed being able to really focus on him, really soak in all the little wonders of a newborn and how fast they learn and develop their little personalities.  Israel spent the majority of the conference cuddled in my moby-which is something I wish I had had for all of the other kiddos!! We were staying downtown and were able to walk to the conference center from our hotel.  Neither of us wanted to mess with a stroller, we are kind of bias to holding him as much as we possibly can-since he is our last and we already know full well from the older 5, how very fast it all goes.  But, yes, the arms can only hold out so long, so the moby is a fabulous invention!!  Anyways, I am back to work and school, I am just about caught up from being gone and did finish one pair of mittens today.

Normally I use quite a few different sweaters in one pair of mittens, but in this pair it was fun to use just one.  I really loved the colors!  I used a brown houndstooth fleece to line them-so cuddly.

I did make one pair while I was gone-but this was a gift for a special friend of mine.  I was finally able to meet a special little man-our best friends' from college son.  Oh wow, is he a cutie!!  And what a blessing to see them!  There is something precious about friends from your youth and that is something I really needed right now!!