Saturday, March 31, 2012



Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Wonderful Start to the Day....

It has been a good morning thus far and I thought I would share a few goodies before the day got away without me...

Woke up early to get some homemade whip cream made as a yummy treat for my husband this morning. It is his birthday and a bowl of strawberries and cream was the order.

After sending him off to work and getting the kiddos going on their school work, I was able to finish the first baby quilt for this little guy. Unfortunately I worked a little to late last night and ended up with some mistakes on the backing that couldn't be fixed without ruining the fabric. Such a discouragement, but the front turned out just as I hoped. Simple with two colors that I really love together and a few touches of personality.

I think we may have all come to an agreement on the little man's "real" name, but I will give it awhile before I start setting it in stone:).

I am enjoying the school time with Bell each day and thankful to be past the being too ill to teach! Spring has sure helped too!

I also thought I would quick share something exciting that I found while at a thrift store this past week. An absolutely beautiful antique feedsack quilt that was hand quilted!! And here is the crazy cherry on top~~it was only $5!!! The tag read, "as is." You want to know what the "as is" part was...MUD, that washed out!! Now, this kind of find does not happen very often, but when it does, I am left feeling amazed and encouraged to continue hunting. I just love running my hands over the quilt as I pass the table. And I find the kids, every once in awhile studying it too. I hope someday to be able to use it in a guest room, but it will be some time before that happens:). A treasure I am saying thank you to the Lord for!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some Late Night Quilting When Sleep Won't Come...

A long day, a good day, but now a night when sleep is so very needed but won't come.

The last few nights as I drifted off to sleep, I was envisioning a special little quilt, for a special little guy in our lives....

Here is a peek at it's beginnings...
Lots and lots of lines to stitch...but I love the effect! Maybe now, I can drift off to sleep...goodnight lovelies!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Evening the Odds...and a Few Glimpses of Life...

Well...we have known for about 7 weeks what this little wonder is going to be....

but because I was only 13 weeks along when they told us, I wanted to make sure before we shared...although it would have been a pretty funny story if they had been wrong. But we had another ultrasound confirming the first.

Here are a few pictures to lend a few clues...the lovely box was sent full of gifts for comfort by a precious friend when I was ill, and now it holds special little items intended to bring to the hospital....

It looks as though we are going to be evening the odds around here, giving us an equal 4 boys, 4 girls(that is including ma and pa-no, we are not having triplets!). This new littlest life is a wee boy, giving us three girls and three boys. Never in my wildest, did I expect those fun ratios especially when we had 3 girls following our oldest son!! It will be pretty fun to see Noah and this little man become buds. Weird to think that my last two kiddos at home will be young men! But we are of course very excited about this upcoming addition.

For the first time, we are really unsure of a name, we always had a name picked way before we knew the sex of the baby, but this time proves to be a first. Although, he is affectionately known as "fireblast" around here due to Noah being convinced that, that is in fact a name the baby would be proud of!! So fireblast it is until we have settled on the "real" name.

I had a check up yesterday in which the Dr said, well it only took 21 weeks for you to finally look pregnant. Isn't it funny, how it seems to all of the sudden creep up on you! And when it does, your reflection kind of takes you by surprise -"oh wow, I guess I do look pregnant" and your husband laughs at you because it is nothing new to him. So, here is the new look at just about 22 weeks. 18 more weeks at this rate seems a little scary, but, I am savoring this last time and keeping a good sense of humor.

I am doing much better now, almost as normal as I will get! Struggles with migraines, nausea, and stamina are starting to fade. I am getting out of the house more often for the kiddos birthdays, quick runs to the store with Matt's help, and even a movie!! Mornings are tough, so church has been difficult, especially after getting all of the kids ready for Matt to take. I usually end up sick and have to wave them off. But, even that will change soon enough. I am a bit anxious about this weekend, Madison has her Olympics and I do not have any idea how I will be able to sit on bleachers that long in a hot gym-but the idea of missing them bothers me even more. I am praying for an extra dose of the Lord's strength for it and no passing out(which unfortunately I have done more than I would like to admit)!

I have been able to work on the store quite a bit, sitting at the sewing machine is very good for me right now-my mind is completely working overtime, but my body is not as cooperative-so I compromise. I have also been able to finish some projects around the house needing my attention. Here is a peek at a few...

Joslyn has been wanting a Bible cover for some time, so I was able to make one for her birthday. I really loved how it turned out!! It was a fun project to design.

We have not had a rocking chairs for years now, so we have been looking for a new one, but the budget was not cooperating;). We stopped in at a new thrift shop after dinner with Matt's folks when they were visiting. We were blessed to find a beautiful glider and ottoman for only $20. It is in perfect condition and was even the color wood we had been looking for! I was able to recover it with fabric I already had waiting for the perfect use!!
I used the original covers for the pattern.
And it turned out wonderful!! I am so excited about it!
I have been thankful for projects like this one, that were designed and ready to be sewn. Since it is hard for me to be on my feet for very long. All this one needed was the quilting to be done-what a relaxing project!! And it feels really good to finish all my unfinished projects!!
I had 3 bunting sets ready to sew from years ago, and was finally able to get them accomplished as well! Vintage linens-nothing better!!
Lots of fun new napkin sets added to the shop. Made especially for school lunches.
And lots of unfinished hats have finally been finished and added to the store-maybe a bit late for this year, but good none the less, to have them ready for next winter!

We are almost through all of the birthdays until May and July. Cole turned 14, Joslyn turned 10, Bell turned 7, me 36, and Matt-37 this week. We also celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and went away for a few days-time in a peaceful cabin in the middle of the snowy woods of Door County-HEAVEN on earth and the perfect pace for me right now! Busy months, but full of blessings!
Like our 3+7 on the cake-we aren't so great on having the right candles-but hey, we can improvise! Joslyn, the Lord's gift of laughter to our family.

Hard to believe Cole is already 14!!! But he is a true joy!
Bell turned 7-she loved getting her ears pierced and picking out her very own guinee pig to take care of!
Time at the cabin to just sit and read!!
And time to sew a few dolls for Bell's birthday...

Madison continues to bless me with sweet little notes and pictures of encouragement, a true gift she has of encouragement!!
Bell is always hard at work with her creativeness. She bought a paper dolls book with some birthday money and makes the most beautiful clothing for them!

On one of my first outing after being well enough to go out, I picked up 5 of these brown paper construction rolls at Menards. One for each of the kids. They act as a sort of art journal for each of them. They have always loved when I had big rolls of shipping paper they could roll out on the floor to make murals, so this seemed even more perfect, giving them their own to create with when inspiration struck. I look forward to the sotries they will tell over time!

Ohhhh! And I almost forgot!! I hit the 10,000 sales mark in my shop this weekend!! What a fabulous adventure this has been!! I am having a celebration sale right now. You can use this coupon code "CELEBRATION35" to receive 35 % off of your entire order!! Thank you to each of you who have made my work so blessed and who have continued to encourage and inspire me daily! May the Lord bless the work of your hands!!