Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Sweet Surprise....

There is nothing more fun than a package showing up at your door that you are not expecting! But finding a note in my mailbox from when we were away, stating that there is a package waiting at the post office from the Netherlands, made me just giddy! Here is what my husband brought home from the post office.
Here is what was inside....
Such a sweet package...I am so excited!

Is this card not so true!!! It totally made me laugh!!
This is just the most adorable way to wrap a gift!! I am going to do this for Christmas this year!! I love the idea! And look what was inside!!!!

A sweet as pie customer of mine from the Netherlands sent me some beautiful dutch thrifted fabrics! I am still just so surprised and touched!!! Thank you so much Petra! This is one of the sweetest surprises I have ever gotten!! I am in love with every piece you sent, what a gift!!!

The trims are gorgeous and so fun!!! And I love the apron that was in the bunch! What an eye-popping print!
And I love this tablecloth!! I am going to have to find a special place for this!!! Thank you again Petra! It was the sweetest treat!! I deeply appreciate your thoughts!! And will greatly enjoy these treasures that I know are hard to find for you! I loved all the thought and detail that went into the package!! Blessings!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A visit to the Sleeping Bear Dunes and Lake Michigan...

Lovin our afternoon at the Beach
The girls
Madison and Joslyn
My three beauties
We always take an afternoon to get away from camp as a family(minus Cole which always makes us miss him more than other times of the week) and go to the Sleeping bear Dunes and a deserted beach on Lake Michigan.
Noah is enjoying the waves this year.
Here is Bell at the top of the dunes.
Joslyn running down the dunes, I just love being the one watching them all come down! I get to run down first-
Dad and Noah
Matt and Noah running down the Dunes.
The girls are already at the top and Noah is enjoying taking his time getting up there-which we are thankful for;)
Noah and I
Madison must of ran down the dunes a handful of times. Oh to have her energy!!
The girls and I-

Matt took a bus load of Junior Highers from Lake Ann to the Dunes the next day. There were around 150 Junior Highers at camp this past week, it was such a blast watching them. There are some pictures of all of them running down the Dunes at the same time, quite the site!!! I will have to post some of those soon!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Little Crafting Time at Camp

Every Year I bring a new craft for the girls and I to work on in our free time. It helps on those rainy days when you are stuck at the cabin. But usually we end up enjoying it much more than on those rainy days! My crafty friends, you will understand this statement. "I sure hope there is another storm rolling in" because that means you will just have to work on your sewing, darn! This year, I brought simple hoops and white fabric with a lot of embroidery floss and let my girls run wild with their imagination. it has been so fun to see what comes out onto that hoop!
I even was able to quilt out on the porch last night! Heaven on earth!!!
Madison even brought her embroidery to Sr High fight night.
I worked on journals for our the girls of ours who are campers this week. I remember how fun it was to get mail at camp, so I wanted to send something fun to them.
You can see Noah napping in the back room of the cabin while I worked on the girls journals. Talk about peace! Matt and the girls were out at the beach canoeing. I finished the journals just as Matt and the girls returned and Noah woke up.
Joslyn working on her embroidery.
This is my first attempt at embroidery. I have been enjoying having something to do with my hands while I sit and talk.
Madison working on her sunflower.
Bell working on her embroidery. She is making a rainbow.
Madison has barely put hers down! I believe she is already on her second project.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Week at Camp

Our week at camp is well underway, and it is again full of God's blessings! This year we left home with 13 campers and our family. This year we road in comfort! Thank you Jesus for our bus!!!

We left church at 10am and arrived at Lake Ann Camp in Michigan around 5 pm. It was a ride full of laughter. We did a quick introduction of names before we left since we were taking such a wide range of ages and some of them did not know one another. As I was introduced as Amanda, Noah promptly and strongly protested and declared, "No! That is Mama!" So, I am now "mama" to everyone. Although I still have some sweetie girls who very respectfully call me "Mrs. Drietz" which I will never get used to no matter how old I am! I think that name still belongs to my mother in law;).

It was nice to arrive earlier in the evening this year, it gave us a chance to hang out as a group before the week of camp began in the morning. The guys made a b-line to the octaball court of course and pretty much spent there time there the rest of the night. The girls had fun walking around and talking, visiting the farm and helping my wee ones find tent worms(fuzzy caterpillars), which are an interesting creature. Here is a worm that destroys trees by eating all their leaves, it leaves anyone trying to preserve the beauty of nature intact, frustrated, and yet, to children, they are captivating, gentle, and harmless and worthy of naming individually. Bell has a bucket full of them already and she gets distressed to think of any harm coming to them!

Instead of stopping for fast food again, we decided to wait and order pizza after we settled into our cabins for the night. Matt and I have a favorite little pizza place up here that came to the rescue for us hungry travelers.

Here is our group this year. We have almost every age group for camp this week. Matt and I are praying for the Lord to stir these kids hearts this week and draw them closer to himself.

We are sure they will also have a blast as well! We continue to thank the Lord for the awesome job all the staff at Lake Ann does each year. They care deeply for the students and want desperately for them to know the love of Christ and they want to present this to them in a way that gives them an experience unlike any other.

We parted ways with the guys for the night and headed back to our cabin for some "girl fun" ! Now I may be a youth pastor's wife, but at this stage in our life, I am not on the trips like I used to be when our family had just started. I am usually at home holding down the fort while Matt runs the crazy pace of the youth ministry at church. So, it has been awhile since I have experienced the "energy" of very excited teenage girls! I think I will sleep for the rest of the week! haha! I am so thankful for the night with the girls! It was fun to play games with them, laugh with them, and get to know who they are. I maybe had to use my "mom" voice once or twice to get the giggles out of them while we laid in the dark after lights out. And I still smile when I think about how they begged me to let me get up at 6:30 to go for a jog, and then when all 6 alarms went off in the morning, not one of them even heard the alarm;). Funny!
Well, it is now Tuesday morning, the kids are all in their 2nd day of camp. We got all of them registered with no problem, met all of their counselors and got settled in our own family cabin for the week! We will see the kids off and on throughout the week in chapel and activities we go to watch, but we are now spending some slow time together with other ministry families who have brought campers up for the week. We were so excited to find out we were neighbors with friends from back home who are ministering at a church in our area. This is the second year we have bunked next to each other and our kids are enjoying playing together again. Well, I should take a break for lunch, but I will share some more later.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Time Away.....

I just wanted to let my customers know about some shop details. I will be out of town next week, therefore shipping on anything purchased next week will be a bit delayed until my return home. I am going to keep the shop open and will even be running a few sales while I am gone. I will do my best to return any emails as internet access allows. Refunds on daily sale discounts will be done upon my arrival home as well. Custom orders, international shipping quotes and the like will be difficult to do while away, but please feel free to still convo me and I will see what I can do. I will be out of the studio from June 19-27th. I will do my best to ship any orders through Friday afternoon the 18th, before I leave. Thank you so much for making my job so fun!! Have a very blessed week!



Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Happy New Fabrics...

I thought I would give a quick peek of some of the new fabrics that will be in the store shortly! Some will be in fat quarter bundles and others will be in yard lengths. I also wanted to share a bit about something new I started putting in the shop recently...These are called the "Not so Perfect" Fat quarter bundles. They are made up of fat quarters cut from bed linens that did not make the "cut" into my regular bundles because of small imperfections found when folding them. They are FQ with pin size holes, very small stains, crooked lines, minor misprints, a small pulled thread, or maybe a small miscut-for example the fabric was slightly puckered when I cut it, so the edge is a bit wonky. They are pieces that have 95% useable fabric in them. They will work well for quilting, softies, embellishing, jewelry, etc. They are sold at half price. Each fat quarter is $.50 instead of $1. Just thought you may like to know;)
I am so very excited about this print! A striking red and white design! I am looking very forward to working with this one myself!!
Here are a few new fat quarter prints.

Another lovely shabby chic print!! Will make some very pretty quilts!
A bold modern floral print!! Can't wait to use this one as well. I will be cutting some of this into yard lengths for the shop. I think the print is a bit too large for fat quarters, but i will see.
Here is a fun primitive red star print! Wish there were 5 sheets of this one!! it is super soft too! I am going to make some Pj pants for my little guy with this one, but there will be some in fat quarters in the shop as well!