Sunday, July 11, 2010

What to do with Vintage Bed Linens...

Hello My Lovely Creatives! I thought I would share a quick and fun project with bed linens that I worked on this past week. With summer in full swing, we are eating outside more, especially since we now have a new little deck in our backyard to have a table on. Instead of always using a tablecloth, I thought it would be nice to have a set of placemats for all seven of us. I had found some very fun large red and white polka dot fabric at the thrift store that would match with my colors in our kitchen, but I decided to make the reverse side completely different with using all reclaimed linens in a mis matched fashion. They are working out fantastic, I can use them in our kitchen, or outside and they match either place. I also enjoyed quilting them.

Here is the cheerful summertime side for outside.

And here is the red and yellow side to match the kitchen.

I have cut out enough for 8 guests as well. It will be fun to dress the table with these when we have company. I am really enjoying the 2 sets in one with them being reversible!!!

And they match so perfectly with my bed linen napkins!!!