Saturday, November 6, 2010

OuR NeWeSt AdDiTiOn To ThE FaMiLy

This is our new addition-her name is Ellie. She is a 6 year old pure bred yellow Labrador retriever. She was a breeding dog who was brought in to be put to sleep when the owners could no longer afford to keep her and the vet stepped and and asked if he could keep her and find her a home because of how sweet she is. He was soooo right on! We adopted her last night and she is without a doubt a gift from the Lord for our family! She loves all of us, loves all the attention from the kids, and is incredibly well mannered. While she is crate trained and we have a crate for her, she slept at the foot of Cole's bed last night. Let's just say "A boy and his dog" is exactly the bond between these two already. She politely laid on the floor while we ate breakfast this morning without any begging, for that she was rewarded! She laid at my feet last night as I sewed and cuddled with me while I watched a movie. And I will tell you, I am still so sick right now, but the comfort of this dog sleeping next to me is so soothing and does so well for my soul. I cried this morning as I watched the kids play in the back yard with her because I had come to believe there was no dog for us after going through the heartbreak and stress of dogs with troubled personalities. Thank you Jesus for creating Ellie for us! Here are some of the pictures so far. It is the weekend of Ellie around here!

This lady is a big dog(which is exactly my criteria for a dog-I love BIG dogs)! We were told she is 80 pounds! She has a hard time getting up on high beds, and is not much for jumping. She is a real cuddler!

The only down side of this dog is that she will not be around forever! We may just have to track down her babies!


  1. She is beautiful!!! Thank God she was spared so your family can love and adore her and her love and adore you.

    (PS-we are smitten with our 8 month old, well over 100 pound rottweiler-especially now, since our daughter left for college!)

  2. PS-I forgot to say-hope you feel better soon!

  3. I am so very happy for you and your family. She is a beauty!!

  4. She's beautiful! I swear she is smiling in some of those pictures. I am so glad to hear that you guys have given her a forever home so she didn't have to be put down. Sounds like she instantly bonded with you all!

    We were lucky enough to get a dog named "Tessa" when I was growing up in sort of the same way. She was a breeder and the owners divorced and had to sell their large home. My mom worked with the "Mom" of the dog and she gave her to us. (I remember her crying when she dropped her off.) Tessa was a chocolate lab and was the most wonderful dog we could have had. So sweet and well-mannered. When I think dog, I think lab. So happy for you- and I hope you feel better!