Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finishing Up....

With my stamina not being normal right now, I have been happily working from my sewing basket full of unfinished projects. It has come as a blessing to have so many designed and planned out projects that do not require me on my feet for all of the prep work! One of the few times that I am actually happy for not having finished what I had started! After a very quiet and needed rest day-much of it spent in bed yesterday. I found that today I had a little bit of energy to sit at the sewing machine. The kids finished up school and are all happy for time to play together outside, so I have been finishing up some of these things this afternoon.
A fun infinity scarf made from vintage jersey knit-love the Charlie Brown stripes!
A new set of 4 cloth napkins made from 2 pillowcases.
A maternity dress I appliqued with birds-for the shop.

And some new patches made from scrap fabric.

Felt good to accomplish some more.

I was able to finish up a pair of sleeping pants for Joslyn as well-but forgot to get a picture of them;)

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