Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Waking Up...

This time of year breathes life back into my soul.  I have been soaking up the sun as much as I can.  We have gotten some work done slowly in the yard and have been enjoying as many meals outside as we can possibly work into the schedule.  It causes us to sit at the table longer, laugh more, and relax.  Somehow, the more rest we get doing that, the more work we get done after-isn't that amazing.  We have gathered around many fires as well eating way too many smores and probably keeping the neighbors up-but once that heat hits, they will be able to catch up on their sleep while we escape to the coolness of air conditioning. The kids have helped an extra dose this season with the gardens, since I am very limited as the birth of our sixth is closing in quickly.  A little every day, knowing that mid summer when I am rocking a wee one outside, I will be ever so thankful we did in fact go ahead with the gardens this year.  I did simplify and condense a great deal, but I do not think I will miss the extra with life about to become even richer.  We are getting a routine down even with the laundry, I cannot carry it up the stairs and out to the line, but I can hang it, so my helpers keep the baskets coming for me to hang.  There is nothing better than a breezy day amongst fresh laundry on the line.  And now there is even hints of the new arrival showing up every once in awhile reminding us just how tiny new life is!  This is also the time of year I begin to get anxious for the end of school, wanting to hear the kiddos laughing in the pool and giggling in their tents.  But I am holding fast and the kids are focused better during the day in order to finis early and escape to the outdoors.  I also managed to do a bit of sewing outside as well.  I haven't had much energy to that for awhile, but it was a bit cool today and I needed to be off my feet, so it gave me a chance to work on two baby quilts-one for our new little guy and one with a bunch of fun vintage flower power linens.


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