Saturday, July 21, 2012

While Waiting.....

Well, it just does not matter that I have gone through this 5 times already.  I am just as anxious to meet this new little one as I was the first time!  The last few weeks of pregnancy when you know that wee babe is ready to for holding in your arms can drag out to be an eternity full of ups and downs.  We had thought from clues that he would have been here by now, but that turned out not to be the case.  But we do know that on Wednesday, if I have not gone into natural labor, the Dr wants to induce and I completely trust her!  I have been down that road 4 times already-only once did I get the chance to call Matt and say-It's Time!!  I am still hoping and praying for that chance this time as well, but it is fun to know that i will not have to wait any longer than Wednesday to meet my child!!

So, what do you do when each day carries possibility of a new little life?  Some things are quite routine and unexciting, like cleaning the house all over again-although, with five kiddos within these wall and one busy husband, I'm not sure that ever comes to completion:)  but it is worth a shot each new day.  We have continued to work on a bedroom for Matt and I-and we may just have one by Wednesday if this babe waits.  The taper was here almost every day this past week and Matt was able to prime the walls for paint last night!!  We actually picked up the paint this afternoon and I cannot wait to see it on the new walls.  We are figuring that the trim, closet build, and finishing electrical work will get finished after we start to move in to the room since we really want to be in there when we bring the baby home instead of in the unfinished part of our basement.  Here is the progress...

 We were excited to celebrate Madison's 13th Birthday this week!  The day before had been a bit hairy and I almost ended up in the hospital to have the baby, so being able to be at home, enjoying our beautiful gift from the Lord was a real praise!! We are glad her day will remain her day!  They sure do grow so very fast!!  But I am praising the Lord for ALL of the stages we go through with the kiddos, there are blessings in each!!  She is my amazing helper, strength, inspiration, encourager, and gift!!

I have done A LOT of sewing too!!  Is that any surprise though-haha.  I would love to be outside, but our weather has been in the high 90's and even 100 with heat warnings which doesn't really work well with a 9 months pregnant mama!!  I try to water in the wee early morning hours for the garden and my sake, but many times the girls help out with that right now.  So, sewing keeps me off my feet and passing the time of being anxious and a little crabby(in all honesty).  So this is some of what I have worked on...
Lots of new sets of napkins for the shop, here are 2 of them. Having fun with color!

A new little skirt design.

I have started on the felted wool mittens for fall.  Not sure I am totally ready to dig in to that yet, but it was fun to get these finished and I know fall will sneak up on me faster this year than in other years.

And I have worked on turning a vintage bandana map into a fun quilted throw pillow for the shop as well.  It is a map of the Rocky Mountain National park.  I like wandering off the beaten path every once in awhile to work on something a bit different.

So, I guess, this is not the update I had anticipated, but that will come soon enough.  Hope this week is one you see the Lord's blessings in and find rest in Him!!


  1. praying for you as you wait! hoping you'll get to go into labor on your own this time. :) i can't believe your girl is 13! she's gotten so grown up looking! wow. time really flies!! so glad you were able to be there for her big day becoming a teenager! can't wait to hear your big news and see your new little one! blessings, lora

  2. Happy birthday to Madison, look how she has grown into a blessing to your family. I do pray all goes well, God is with you all~