Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This has been on my heart for just about a year now. I have been wanting to share a bit on this subject and the Lord was stirring in my heart on this again today. I think it is easy to fall into the thought process that I have given all I can give, or that I have sacrificed enough, but the real truth is that my soul is not at rest because I know the Lord needs to become more so that "stuff" becomes less in my life. And when that "stuff" becomes less in my life, I am able to give more. The other issue is the flaw in the scale that I use all too often. The other people comparison scale. You know, the thought process that can so easily be manipulated in order to give us the results we want. Like, for instance, I bought a new pair of gym shoes this past weekend. Here is the thing, I already have a pair of gym shoes and really did not need them. It has been bothering me because I have been wanting to do without whatever I could, but I caved this time, somewhere in there I justified this purchase. My husband will tell you himself, I am not a what we hear the typical American woman is with a closet full of shoes. I actually hate buying shoes most of the time because I never seem to find what I like. I actually can mark why I had to purchase each pair of shoes I own, Like, my favorite sandals came from standing up in my sister's wedding(thank goodness she was smart and went casual so we could all get a pair of fun tevas!) Because then the one pair of heals I own that actually have layers of dust on them were from a friend's wedding. My good pair of Nikes I had to purchase because I actually had bruised my heal from standing all day on our concrete basement floor! That was a first-did not know your heal could actually turn 4 different lovely shades of purple! So now i can be seen sporting those lovelies while I do laundry and designing for the shop. I have shoes that are still from highschool! I know-blah blah blah-isn't it sad that i can carry on a conversation about shoes! So here is the point I was attempting to make. I can easily convince myself that I am not as bad as what I hear most women are like in the area of shoes, and that it was ok to buy them because of that abstract scale I based my decision on. It was fine because I am not going too far overboard, I am using them, they were paid in full, I still have enough to pay the bills, groceries, tithe, gas, clothes for kids, etc, etc. But then I listen to something that reminds me of my real desire, my real goal "IN LIFE" and I think, what a waste! I could have helped to change a life instead of buy some silly pair of shoes! What if I could live like that all of the time-wouldn't that be ....well.....ridiculous!

Below is the lyrics from a song that is one of my absolute favorites! I will let you know more about it after you read the lyrics.

What if we all lived in small houses
with rooms we all had to share
what if we all wore clothes
that other people said were too old to wear
what if we all drove cars
that other people thought were ready for the junk yard
what if we only had to eat
what was on sale for the week.

wouldn't this be ridiculous
wouldn't this be ridiculous

what if instead of flying to CanCun
went in the back yard to marvel at the moon
what if instead of watching the game
we prayed for our brothers and sisters in chains
what if we instead of driving to a movie
sat in the home and played bingo with the dying
what if we instead of going out for coffee
gave what we saved to that house that feeds the dying.

wouldn't this be ridiculous
wouldn't this be ridiculous

the children are wishing for a well so they can have clean water
the people are waiting
for someone to come so they can hear the gospel
the family is praying
for some way to buy back their daughter
the orphans are dying
for there's no medicine in the cupboard

wouldn't this be ridiculous
wouldn't this be ridiculous
wouldn't this be ridiculous
wouldn't this be ridiculous
~Can You Hear Us?

That is one of the songs written by the group "Can You Hear Us?"
It is a trio of brother and sisters who grew up on the mission field in Albania.
Their music is an incredible reminder of the social injustices that go on around the world and it challenges the listener to move outside of their own comfort to take part in something bigger than themselves. To not just go about your day and week and year gathering for yourself and family the "American" comforts and dreams. I was blessed to be able to hear them in concert at our church this summer after listening to their music for months. The Lord has gifted them with beautiful musical talents as well as a gift of words.

If you would like to check out their sight here is the link


You can read a bit about their story, their music and the ministries they support.

I was grateful to get connected with the group Shared Hope International through their website. Shared Hope International is committed to ending the sex trafficking that has devastated our world and left it's victims hopeless and need of The God who created us to heal them. I have recently read the book "From Congress to the Brothel" that was written by Linda Smith who left Congress after seeing first hand the evilness of a brothel, and has now devoted her time to creating awareness in order to destroy the sextrade industry. Here first hand accounts of what children, boys and girls as well as women have had to endure is very difficult to stomach and will leave you wrestling with the question, "How can man be this evil!?" How can this be going on and go unnoticed. But the book also gives you a glimpse of the hope these women and children are given when Shared Hope International is able to rescue them from their captivity.

Here is a link to Shared Hope International as well


So, this is where my heart rests today, these were the questions, struggles, challenges that I wrestled with and am glad to have wrestled with. I would definately like to think that I could do much better than acquiring a new pair of shoes with what I have earned in my labors!


  1. Amanda -
    Do you own that book by Linda Smith? I'd like to read it ~ checked on our library system site and they don't have it....


  2. I do! I will bring it Sunday for you.

  3. We'll be at the 9:30 service, and I won't be there Sunday night though...