Thursday, September 3, 2009

What To Do With Vintage Linens #11

So, I have found that reclaiming and upcycling used bed linens is actually quite contagious! I had commissioned my mama to find vintage bed sheets for me when she was out thrifting and to no surprise she ended up not wanting to give them up! How dare she! Just kidding~ My mom began her own shop on etsy about a year after I did. The opening of her shop came at the perfect time when she needed to be working but the physical demands of a 9-5 job outside the house were too difficult. It gave her a wonderful outlet for her passion which is crocheting. I must say, I am her number one fan and customer! Her creations are beautiful and bring beauty to function! I have fought the urge to learn how to crochet from her because I just simply should not take on another hobby! So while she makes all her lovelies, she has taught my kiddos how to crochet! She began with crocheting washcloths, scrubbies and scarves, amongst a bunch more lovely items, but her newest passion is by far my favorite! She has begun making rag rugs out of bed sheets and they are incredible! Each one is a new favorite of mine! Now, I do not like going thrifting with her because we fight over who gets to the sheets first! Ah, like mother like daughter, or is it like daughter like mother! Anyways, she is addicted to these rugs and loves working with the bed linens just as much as I do. So, this time, the "What to do with Vintage Bed Linens" is something that I do not make, but that my mama does. The rug here is one that i just bought from her for my bedroom. i finally have something cozy to put my feet on when i get up in the morning! I am loving it!
She has such an eye for putting colors together in these rugs. And what i love is that there is an element of surprise to these because you cannot possibly know exactly how the sheets patterns will make the rug look, but I am never disappointed!

My mom's shop is called Yarns of Fun. The address is .

Here are some of the other rugs she has in the shop.

This one is Lilacs and Blues.

This one is Candy.
This one is Brown and Blue.

She loves to do custom orders and hunt for just the right colors! She is also working on putting together bundles of strips for other crocheters to make rag rugs. Those bundles are coming soon. So if you are a crocheter but do not want to go through all the work of hunting and cutting the fabric this will be just perfect for you! So take a peek at her shop! I also have a link from my shop to her shop.

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