Friday, January 29, 2010

Something is Missing....Part One

I do not think these are going to work anymore, do you!?
Sorry hun, I didn't think that color looked so great on you anyways:)...

Hummm? Just doesn't seem right does it? Clothes are just not safe in this house... Are you like me? Do you scan those racks and racks at the thrift store for eye candy. Now I know that cashier is thinking "there is NO WAY that skirt is going to fit this lady, she must just be in denial"-haha! Forget the tag size for once! I am looking for prints for my fabric stash! This afternoon, after all my schooling, shipping and listing was done, I was able to finally play with some of the fabric I have been setting aside for some projects. I had two eye candy bins waiting for me. I happily cut up some clothes for baby bibs. Don't they just look well, yummy! They are all paired up with their fun counterparts and sitting at my machine waiting for me....I AM COMING!!!! I will post some of the finished fun later! Hopefully not too much later!

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