Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whimsie Wool Mittens!!!!

I purchased the most wonderful pattern from mamachee on etsy!! I usually do not work with patterns, but this one was perfect and something that I have been wanting to work on for so long. I cannot even begin to tell how pleased I am with this pattern! It is for mittens for infant through adult male. So this weekend I tried making almost all of the sizes. I figured that in my family of seven we pretty much cover every size! Works quite nicely! Here are a few pictures of the mittens I have made so far all using felted wool.
Here are some of the steps in this pattern. These are the Mittens I made for Matt.

The mittens use the ribbing at the bottom of the sweaters for the cuff on them. Makes it so simple and look so finished.
The only kink I ran into was ending up with 2 of the same hand:)~If I am not focused well on what I am cutting, I end up to right handed mittens-alright, so it happened twice. I got a little too caught up in the Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon we were doing this weekend!
Here are Matt's finished mittens-I even got the chance to wrap them up as a little surprise. They fit=Yeah!
Next was Taco Bell's(that is Noah's name for Bell) can't imagine why he would have heard that name before-"Kids, were would you like to eat on the way home?-TACO BELL-TACO BELL-TACO BELL!" Poor Bell will be forever linked with that oh so yummy -not quite food!
The pattern leaves so much room for imagination! And you can use scraps to do it!
Josie worked with me to pick her colors. She especially wanted the purple.
Once I was comfortable working with the pattern, I was able to play a bit with embellishing them. These were Madison's. They fit me, so I will be able to sneak them every once in awhile! If I can ever get them off of her!
And here are Noah's. I almost put the initials for his first and middle name which is Oliver, but then it would read NO! Not exactly a word you even need to teach a toddler, much less encourage with his fists stating it for him!
He has to try out peek-a-boo with them as well as eating his pear with them on, yum! Fuzz!Now I need to work on a pair for Cole and myself-FUN!

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