Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time to Start Fresh!!!

Today is the day to start again!!! Time to start sharing....and not worry about where to begin. So a few quick peeks-nothing out of the norm.

First-for my customers who like to check here for sales-I will try to begin daily updates again about each day's sale. TODAY! All bed linens are 20% off. I have recently added quite a bit of new bundles and yardages. Take a peek:)

Mittens have continued to keep me busy at the machine. And I never tire of them or finding "new" old wool sweaters! Here are just a few new pairs that I have made.

On a side note, over Christmas when we were all house bound with the flu-we worked on a project together. We made these mitten stands for drying our mittens. They have been a fun way to display my mittens as well.

Every one pitched in. It was fun to work together on a project.

I have some big news on the sewing front! Something I have longed for, for as long as I can remember has come to live in my studio!!! A SERGER!!!! Thanks to a very special woman from church and my sweet husband, I opened up a big box on Christmas that had my dream in it!! What an amazing treat to have this-it will so bless the work of my hands! I am still just so very overwhelmed with this gift, it is so beyond what I ever expected. Christmas break was pretty fun for the girls and I. I had just got back two of my machines from my Mr Fix It, so we had all four machines set up on a long table in the family room and my three girls and i sat at that table sewing for hours! Even our sweet little Bell just goes to town on my first sewing machine I ever bought. We get such a kick out it.

Barbie clothes were of top priority for the girls-I loved watching their little minds work!
Madison got her cast off!! And her wrist is in excellent condition! Yeah!!!
Last year Matt surprised me with a new set of cross country skiis for my birthday. Back before we were married, I used to cross country ski a lot. I absolutely loved it and moving up to MN for school was perfect for this! But after we got married and soon was expecting Cole, we needed to sell anything of value to survive and finish school! So parting with my skiis was a must-and being that I had an ever growing belly, I was not able to get out to ski very much anyways. But 14 years later, I was beginning to get an itch to start skiing again. And what a blessing to have places like "play it again sports" for the unathletic people who are not making a career out of it!! Well, snow here is not always reliable, so even though my birthday is in February, I didn't get to use them last year. But this past week I finally was able to get out to ski. Matt and Ellie came along with me just in case I broke my neck since it has been so long!!! But wow! I absolutely loved it and wish snow was year round! So we are hoping to get Matt a pair so we can take a few days away over our Anniversary to go skiing.
I know there is more to catch up on-but I need to get to school:) So, I will share more later today hopefully! May your day be rich with the Lord's blessing!


  1. Congratulations on your new serger and getting to ski again! Woot!!

    I must say, your mittens are amazing. They are so pretty!

  2. YAY! So fun to see a glimpse into the Drietz family happenings. Tell Madison I love her style - I'm jealous of her creative outfits. :)

    I can't seem to not fall the whole time xc skiing ... otherwise I wished I loved it. :)

    Take care and say hello to the fam!