Friday, April 15, 2011

Beautiful layers from the Past...

I finished with a big wholesale order this week and it has been a few weeks since I have sat at the machine for anything else:). Each night, I thought I would be able to sit down to work on some ideas swimming around in my brain, but the nights came and went with other priorities to tend to. But today has been a rainy day with no pressing needs outside the house, the kids have been hard at work on their studies and in between working with them, I was able to finish a new tote I hope to use at Easter. Most of my bags are pretty dark or wild:) so I have been slowly designing one that is neutral and a tad bit elegant for those dressier occasions.

Here is what I began with....
Two basic but lovely beige linen napkins-I found these at a thrift shop. I bought 4 of them for $2.00.
I have some muse boxes that I keep my laces, trims, doilies and hankies in not only for projects but for inspiration. I pulled these out to find just the right pieces to add to the tote.

I start by playing around and layering hankies and the needlework pieces I think I want to use.
Once I have it the way I like it...I take a picture for reference(the age of digital is so fabulous!) because then I back track and start sewing each piece on one by one, slowly layering them. Here are the steps I went through...

Sections of vintage hankies went on first.

Next I added the vintage needlework pieces, pinning them a bit just to keep them from bunching.
Once the front of the tote is finished( I left the back plain)-I picked out the fabric for the handles and the lining. This type of tote really would not need to be lined due to the way it was sewn but a little extra strength to it is always nice. I had set this striped bed linen aside for some summer beach pants for my Noah but there is just enough extra to cut a strap for the tote. It was just way to perfect looking to pass up.

Then for the lining I decided to pick this softer and subtle daisy bed linen fabric that kind of plays off of the yellow flowers on the hankie.
This is how it all turned out. It is a larger tote. I believe it is something like 20x20. But especially on Easter, with my husband being a Pastor, I am usually single- momming -it and require a few aides which require a large bag:) Let's call it the grown up version of a diaper bag since I no longer have babies but my wee ones still need a few things on longer mornings.

And here are a few favorite pics of mine of the process. ah..peace...

And last but not least, a quick pic of part of the wholesale order I filled this past week.
6 fun pillowcase dresses. It is that time again!

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  1. Great.. Boy you'd love my home state of Connecticut - there are shops all over that you can find trunk full of gems like what your picture shows... Great finds and love your ideas.... Now I got the shopping itch!