Thursday, April 21, 2011


The girls and I spent some time cleaning the playroom today. Their needs in there are ever-changing and Noah always needs a little fine tuning on his train tracks. But after they went to bed this evening, I worked out a special little surprise for them(Bell will especially appreciate this) I dug out our oversized coffee table from the garage and cleaned it up for a craft table just their height! They are always sewing with my old machine, but it is a bit difficult for Bell especially. I always need to put the peddle on a stack of books for her to reach, but this table will be just the right height for all of them. Cannot wait to hear the squeals in the morning! So, wether it is sewing... or painting.... or coloring... or beads....this is their own table to create on.

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  1. If I had woken up to see a room like that, I would've freaked out. To be really honest, I still would.