Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kiddos in the Kitchen...

Dad left for his trip this morning, which means the kiddos and I usually feel a bit aimless on that first day. Noah came with me this morning while the other kiddos slept in, to drop Matt off at church for his missions trip. As Matt was saying goodbye, Noah asked if he could go too. Matt explained to this little man as he is strapped into his car seat, that this trip is too long. Noah asked how long and Matt said "9 days, more than a week"-both Matt and I feel bittersweet about Noah's response. His eyes welled up with tears, the lip went south, he paused and looked at Matt and then said to Matt in the most pitifully sweet tone, "you are teasing me" Ouch! It took a good part of the day today for Matt to get over that one. Fortunately Noah gabbed all the way home and has kept busy with the kids today. It was a better first day than most first days of being without Dad. Helps that it is a Saturday after a week of school, the kids have a lot they want to do. We all kept busy inside when it was raining and outside when there was a break in the clouds. Gardening, swimming, and of course some fun creative time. I was able to get one of my old salvaged garage doors, cleaned up for using in photos outside. Trying to make the most of the natural light since nothing can beat it in pictures.

The girls were all in the kitchen making some fresh koolaid playdoh. They have big wedding plans for some of their new webkinz-I am cherishing every moment of pure childhood innocense and imagination. They then began making the "cake" and "food" for the wedding, with the fresh, yummy smelling playdoh. Here is a peek at their work.

Madi just got the wombat webkinz for her birthday, so I believe those are wombats atop thier cake:)
Sweet little star cupcakes...
And the whole shabang...I think I will just have to attend this wedding:)
Bell is the artist behind the playdoh creature here.

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