Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week of Quilting....

With Matt Gone this week...the evening hours give me a chance to do a good amount of quilting. The girls are back in school, so running my machine during the day is a bit distracting. I am learning to get up early enough to get some sewing done before breakfast. I quilted these last night and got up early to bind them this morning. After a bit of gardening this morning before the sun was too mean to be in, I got them photographed and listed. Both of them are made from recycled clothing and linens. The autumn walk quilt does have one print that is from a modern quilting line, but the new and the old worked so well together.

I also worked on a runner for one of the pieces of furniture in our living room. I used scraps with alot of color!! Over the past couple years I have found that the cheerful colors do well for my joy-funny I know! It also makes it easy to mix mis-matched items collected over time.

And here is a little sneak peak of the quilt I am working on currently. I have not decided on the backing for it as of yet. I am thinking I will use multiple prints on the back to add interest to both sides.
A quick note for the shop....All quilts are 10% off today.

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  1. bright, cheery colors do me a world of good, too!!! beautiful quilts!