Monday, January 9, 2012

It Is Never Boring...

Today I had to have labs drawn and my PICC line sight care done. When my nurse was here, I mentioned to her that I was feeling and hearing the flushing of my line, in my neck. She immediately did a check on my line and there was no blood return meaning the line had migrated outside the vein. With a quick call to my Dr, we were to have it immediately pulled. Fortunately my nurse was able to do it here at home. So after making Matt leave the room so he would not pass out, she removed the stitches and pulled the line. Fortunately there was no resistance, which would have meant another hospital visit. My Dr wants me to see how I feel tomorrow before having another PICC put in. If I am able to maintain fluid, food and my potassium level, I may actually be free of this so much earlier than expected!! But I have had PICC lines pulled too early and I tend to relapse pretty quickly. We are praying for continued healing as I am now cold turkey on fluids and meds. Early pregnancy for us is never boring, but I am so looking forward to boring!! Thank you to all of you who are praying so faithfully!!

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