Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cinnamon and Spice Makes Everything Nice...

I haven't connected with all of you for awhile. And I was thinking I would just share a little something from our home to yours.  A little trick I use to keep the home smelling yummy without breaking the bank.  If you love how your home smells at Christmas with all of the baking, but reality and the scale just do not allow for that to be happening around the clock;), this is a wonderful alternative.  I keep an old pot on the stove, full of water, cinnamon, and whole cloves.  It simmers as long as I desire.  Usually I do not even use cinnamon sticks, just the baking cinnamon powder(it is less expensive for something like this and works just as well).  You do have to check it occasionally and refill the water throughout the day so you do not end up burning the pot, but if it is on a low simmer, it's easy to maintain.  The only down side, no yummy pie is coming out of the oven after smelling that yummy aroma all day-it may just inspire some baking though! It helps with not having to purchase and burn so many candles for that cozy and homey feeling. If you are looking to buy whole cloves in bulk.  I buy mine here. I hope you are all enjoying these chilly fall days and are looking forward to the upcoming holiday season that is fast approaching!  May the Lord bless your day with all of His goodness!


  1. Last year I also added some orange peels I had after eating them. It adds a nice little fruity scent to the already wonderful cinnamon aroma. :-)