Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Longer I Sew....

One theme has been coming together over the past few years with my sewing...I LOVE COLOR.   Not just any color, it is more about the combination of colors.  Putting color together in unique ways seems to be fueling my inspiration these days.  Here are some of the examples, right now, yes, they happen to be mittens-I know-that may be getting a bit tiresome for some of you.  
Somewhere Over the Rainbow-a reminder of God's Promise to Us.

A New Christmas Forest of Wool Felted Pillows...

Toddler Mittens-this mesh of blues has got to be one of my very favorites! How pretty it will be against the fresh white snow!

Blue Spotty Dotty-Women

Green Spotty Crocodiles-Women

Don't these just look like candy!!

These were made for a customer this past week.  I was extremely pleased with the rich contrast of the navy and green.

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