Saturday, February 23, 2013

Off the Loom and Oodles of Scraps...

I finished one more rug this week.  After getting one about a quarter of a way through and just not loving the pattern and color combo, I took it all off and started again, ending up with this one.

                                            It is the Caribbean Rug now in the shop.

But after a few weeks of weaving rugs from T-shirts that have been cut up, I had an overwhelming amount of scraps needing a purpose, so I spent some time in the late night hours last night getting them cut into useable pieces and organized for a few new projects.  Here is some of the fun we have come up with as well as some new booties/slippers I have designed for the shop.

 The girls and  I made some headbands, bracelets and teething rings for Israel.  I had also made some rag balls earlier this week for Israel who is obsessed with texture right now.  That bin of t-shirt yarn always looks so fun to me!
And these are some of the new bootie slippers I have made out of the T-shirt scraps.  Israel wears these style booties all the time.  Pretty soon I am going to need to add no-slip fabric to the bottoms;(-he is growing just way too fast.

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