Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On the Loom...

This is the current project on my loom.  Another colorful rug, but with transitions of black throughout it.  Matt and I went out last night for a belated Valentine's dinner since he was working the evening of Valentine's Day.   I was happy to celebrate late anyways because I am not a crowd person, we usually try to avoid date nights on the weekends and holidays.  The restaurant was quiet and enjoyable, we even got a chance to chat a bit with two sweet older women sitting next to us(they were taken with Israel). Before we even made it to the restaurant though, Matt was patient enough for me to make a thrift run to gather the rest of the colors I needed for the current rug.  So I quickly raided the T-shirt isle for black especially.  I am hoping I now have enough to finish this rug.

Unfortunately I have come down with the bug that has been going around our home.  I feel the worst today and am hoping it is the worst day.  I knew when I woke up that i was only going to feel worse as the day went on, so I managed to get a roast in the crock pot right away and get my current orders for the shop shipped.  Madi is going to help me teach the little ones today while she waits for her knew curriculum to come in, and maybe I will just sit and roll some balls of T-shirt yarn for the rug this afternoon instead of crawling into bed.

Matt is in one of the busy seasons for his ministry.  He has had 3 retreats consecutively this month, the last being this weekend.  He is also sharing in the visitation pastor responsibilities until we hire on a new visitation pastor, so the days are longer right now-good-but certainly long.  We are looking forward to some vacation time coming up.  Not going away this year for our anniversary, we are sure going to miss it, but we are using that budget for braces and drivers training for our older two.  So grateful for the ability to take care of those two big blessings this year.  So with vacation time, we are ging to do some much overdue repairs around the house.

The kitchen is our main project.  The wall has been unfinished for over a year now-we had started in this early in my pregnancy with Israel last year.  We had taken out the door between the bedroom and kitchen to give the bedroom more wall space, but then had to abandon it to conquer the build in the basement before Israel was born.  We are finally at a point to take the kitchen on again.  Years ago, we were given a used dishwasher and we had also purchased a stove top to replace our barely functioning one, but time has just never been there to put them in.  We are seriously hoping it will finally happen.  The kids are of course very excited about having a dishwasher!  We have washed dishes by hand their whole lives, I am just not sure what to expect. But, all of that aside, the time off together will be very welcomed!

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