Thursday, June 6, 2013

Capturing a Few Moments...

 Yesterday was a very long day for my husband-and today will be no different-summer is very busy for a youth pastor!  So while the littles slept late in the evening and I missed Matt, this is what I  accomplished...

 A sweet little bib and skirt set for a baby girl.
 A bit more work on my rug-just about finished!!
 I have been working on smaller things to use the yummy scraps I have oozing out of my bins...

We are grabbing hold of those impromptu evenings when we all get to be home together.  Enjoying that the weather has given us such a glorious variety.  Some hot days for swimming, but also some cool days and evenings perfect for a late night fire and smores.
 I was able to keep some of the Christmas lights down(I actually remembered this year) and have enjoyed lighting the garden at night .  Makes it some sort of magical and i get to enjoy the blooms evening in the darkest of hours.

 I just ate up getting the chance to photograph our kiddos at the beach and thought it would be fun to share a few more of those moments.

 I am so excited to finally have some one on ones with each of the kiddos...  It is amazing to see these and see how short I look by this ever growing young man-  When did this happen? A boy learning to turn knowledge into wisdom-one who can lighten my heart when I am all too serious and yet respect his mama too all at the same time.  And one who made me giggle today when he announced, "I am addicted to driving"  HUH?, imagine that?  He is just about finished with his Driver's Ed class-I still get weepy every now and again out of the blue, like when I see his teacher toss him the keys and he opens up the car for everyone and gets in to drive away.  Be safe my sweet first born, the Lord has such plans for you!
 My sweet little Bell with her favorite hat-she has had me track down as many "painter's hats" as I can when thrifting.  They have become "her" and I am so glad to have this to remind me of these days. The one who wants to work with me when she grows up and inspires me every day-we would make quite a team-what a fun thought.  The one who shows such gentleness and tenderness that I need to be reminded of.
 My striking teenager giving me trouble , of course, about me giving her a hug-but laughter makes anything bearable!  And she is a strong and lovely character, a helper and a precious friend already.
 My constant-Joslyn my peace-always.  Sweet and funny as all get out-and such a beauty! A lover of all of God's creation and ready to share all the intricate designs of her creator.
 And the one who has kept me young, refreshed my joy in life, and filled that mama need that will probably never go away, I realize now.  Worth every tired morning and achy bone.
 The boy who tells me "I love you with all of my heart"  every single night and insists on holding every door for me -such a little gentleman.  He brings everyone together and bridges the old to the young.

The littlest man with all his big sisters!

 He was just loving the sand....10 months old....
I just couldn't help myself--so cute!

And a picture I am kind of happy Madison snatched the camera for.  It has been a few years since I have found a new "antique" quilt for my collection.  But a few months ago I found this beauty hidden amongst the rows of linens at one of the thrift stores I visit regularly.  It is so pretty, so delicate, well loved and soft. A wedding ring quilt.  I had to bring it for pictures(and because I sleep with it every night now, so when we are away from home, I still bring my "blankie." So parts of me never grew up.

So there are a few more little updates.


  1. Oh this is so lovely to see. I adore the glimpse into each of your children's personalities and style as they grow. They are so precious!

    And I REALLY love that rug! :)

  2. I agree with Nicole - so beautiful! Your love for your children and your ability to see each of their unique gifts and personalities is an inspiration. Grateful for all of you!