Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just A Little Something Today...

  I love that each day when I work on photos for the shop or the family, I have my computer set up to show photos from one year ago that day-it is a fun way to see all that has happened in a year!

So, one year ago I was heading home from the Doctor's with the news that Noah had in fact broken his arm falling off of his sister's bunk bed.  To this day he still wishes he could break it again because the cast makes an awesome floaty in the pool;)  We laugh at that but then insist-"please do not do that again-you float just fine on your own"

Here is the new giggly sweet 6 year old-cast free-for now.

And that happened right in the middle of the construction of our new bedroom in the basement.  This is where we were at just one year ago-right now there is a very sweet baby taking his afternoon nap  in the finished room because mama still has not moved him to his own room yet-tough to let go when it is your last.

This past month we traveled to Michigan for Matt to perform the wedding of his new intern and his bride. Beautiful wedding, beautiful bride, and lovely new couple we are excited to work with this year.  We were able to make a stop at our favorite beach and get some pictures while there.  We visit this beach in the summer when we are at camp, but we never have the older kiddos since they are campers, so this is our first time all together-yea!  It was a beautiful and chilly chilly day!

We are off to a busy start of the summer-lots of trips for ministry(Matt and the older two at least and even an international missions trip)  A sister getting married-continued drivers training for our oldest, and school on a bit different pace.

I am still slowly learning how to weave on the oversized potholder looms.  I have a new one that was built for mother's day.  It is smaller than the first so that I can take it with me if I need to.  It is somewhere around 3x5 feet.  We spaced the pegs differently on this one too-closer for a tighter weave.  I am almost finished with the first one on this loom. It is not a type of weaving easy to find information on-so I am learning as I go.

Been trying out some new ideas for the kiddos.  Bell still loves when I make her clothes, so i am eating that up!

 I have gone through a redo of the shop photos these past couple months-still a bit to go.  By the time it is all done I will have taken about 3000 new photos.  Hopefully it is helping customers!  Shopping online is always a challenge since you cannot touch or try the items.  Having the shop continues to stretch and challenge me.  Always grateful for the ability to work from home, but with the changes in this ever growing family, it has not always been easy to figure out how to wisely choose when to work or how much to take on.  I have stepped back from custom orders almost completely while I figure out a new rhythm with homeschooling 5 of the 6 kids and having a very active almost 1 year old heading up the rear.  Here's the new look....

My scripture this week....

Psalm 119:114  You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.

The context is of a man who is pressed on from others who do not love God's word, and yet he has found great comfort and strength in the Lord's law.  He sees the love the Lord has for us in giving us these laws, to protect us, guide us, bring us great joy.  God's word is a refuge for us, a hiding place, and place of rest-oh wow, there is nowhere else I would want to be in this crazy life, crazy culture, crazy world! I have always seen scripture, His commandments, as true freedom.

My prayer right now, one that seems to keep coming up right now-is that the Lord would give me a quiet mind so that I can understand what I read in His word.  It is true that with a family of 8, quiet is not easy to come by, but it does happen;)  and more than you would think, but so often, when it does come, I am not ready, my mind is cluttered, I am running on so little sleep that putting thoughts together is extremely challenging.  I have been a "doer"  not a "thinker"  this past year.  Hoping to grow again. Hoping to think again!  That is my prayer.

I hope you are all well!  I am sending a hello!

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  1. love the new photos! i'm right there with you when it comes to seeking God's wisdom and direction with how to balance it all when it comes to home/kiddos/shop, etc... praying that He shows us both how to do what He's called us to do!
    those photos of your kids on the beach are so cute! i can't believe how big the baby has gotten. my goodness! and i LOVE that antique quilt you found! what a treasure. :)