Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cuts Like Butta'.....

I thought I would share this little tidbit from my studio... Some of you may find this humorous or think me completely silly and some of you may understand the pure joy that comes with a new blade and cutting mat!

With the amount of fabric I cut each day for the shop, I go through about 4 cutting mats a year! This is what they end up looking like...I am a bit stubborn about making them go as far as possible...maybe this time was too crazy!!:)
Can anyone guess the measurements where I end up with holes? But....

I am in heaven right now with a new olfa mat! And to make it even better, I changed out my blade as well today. I usually change my blades once a week-I think I need to by stock in this company!

So to enjoy this new little combo, I did some cutting and thought I would share some prints of the bed linens that will be on the self by weeks end. And what a thrill to have those fabrics cut like they were butta'.
Stripes for the stripey stashes!

Paisleys, plaids, and stripes.

More stripey prints with some wandering polka dots...
Some lemons and lime prints
and some lovely vintage blue garden prints...


  1. Wow, you've been doing some serious cutting on that mat. :) I've had mine for two years, but don't use it extremely often (not as often as I'd like). I do have distinct marks from the measurements for my wallets, though (my mat was the cheapest one available at Walmart). And I recently switched out my rotary cutter blade, for the first time ever. I was in awe, and thinking, why on earth didn't I do this a year ago? :) I also accidentally sliced the top of one of my fingers...


  2. Isn't it funny Kristin, how changing such a simple thing can make such a BIG difference! Up until about 4 years ago when I started creating for a living, my mats would last 7 or 8 years! And I was the same with my blades, I was the same as you-maybe changed them once a year as well. And I have quickly learned from trial and error which ones last the longest. I hope your finger is better! That is the down side to a sharp blade;) I put my machine needle through my finger this year for the first time-oh the dangers of creating!! Your wallets are fabulous by the way!!! And thanks for stopping in-it is always fun to connect with others!