Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Happy Project Finished for a Friend....

My cup runneth over with ever so patient friends!!! Which makes to finishing a few special things for them all the sweeter! I have been slowly, like a turtle, working on some fun creations for a baker friend of mine. And when I say I have been slow-it has been since MAY!! But I finished today and was thrilled to send her pics to see what she thought. Here is a peek at some of the fun creations.

When my baker friend visited back in May she had some fun picking out fabrics for a bundle of napkins. Here are some of the napkins. These were all made from reclaimed bed linens. These napkins are an everyday nessesity around our house, I am completely sold on these! They are reversible and of course washable. I have not purchased paper napkins for years now-heavenly!!
Tied up in a pretty bow and ready to go to the baker lady I love!
Then there is this fun retro kitschy tote-love her eye and ideas! She had seen a vintage curtain panel that I had in the shop and asked if I would make it into a tote for her. I may have thought maybe for a few minutes that I may have to tell her it is no longer for sale(because I now want it) Haha. I had just found this fabulous vintage plaid tablecloth that week and it just popped against the colors of the curtain panel. So the plaid worked well for the bottom and handles of the bag!

Finally I used my favorite bed linen print for the inside of the tote. It is a whimsical robin's egg blue and white floral design.

And last but not least...A MAN BAG!! for her soon to be Husband!!! The man bag was made from reclaimed wool-did I ever tell you how much I LOVE WOOL-just kidding-you already know that-silly me. It is made to fit a laptop and other "man" things. You know, I thought guys did not have anything to carry around like women, but let me just say that my husbands "man bag" weighs 50 pounds!! most days- and I just can't figure out how it is actually holding up to all the wear and tear he puts on that poor thing!! I think it is so funny when he is afraid of having to find something in my purse for me, if he can survive his bag and find what he needs in that, he should have no problem with mine;)
I tried to keep the messenger bag simple with a touch of interest to it. So I added these three stones to the front flap to give it some dimension. The bag is now called "A Stone's Throw".

I also had fun with the thread detail. Most of the top stitching was done in red. I LOVE RED. So, now these lovelies will be off in the mail to a very patient friend. And just in time for another visit in October!! I think we will be talking "wedding!!!"


  1. i LOVE that tote bag!! i had those same exact curtains up in my shop last year. i love how you paired the bright plaid with the retro kitchen print- so fun!!
    hey-go on over to my blog today - i'm having a giveaway for a stamped pendant!! :)

  2. YAY! That's me you are talking about - how lucky am I?! Can't wait to get my hands on all of these. And seriously, what a perfect name for the "man bag" - Jay loves to skip rocks and did a lot of that up in Grand Marais. :)