Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Few New Wool Wonders...

I haven't actually sat down at my sewing machine for quite awhile. The Lord has just had other things in mind for me the past 2 weeks and I have been blessed through those. But today after coming home from a funeral of a dear friend who is now spending eternity with Jesus, sitting at the machine in quiet was just the thing. I had already designed and cut out quite a few designs for mittens and a hat. Here are some of what I accomplished and have listed in the shop.A wee one's hat-BLOOM it is for 6-18 months. I haven't made any wool hats for quite some time and am looking forward to working on some more.
Here is a pair called Dotty Spotty. It has a unique combination of blues, purples and greens.
Here is another pair of the "Garden Blooms" They are for teens to small women.
And one more "garden bloom" in teen to a small in women. Vibrant colors to remind us of summer in the stark grayness of winter. All made from some fun recycled wool sweaters. The wool has been felted making it thick and cozy.

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