Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Think I have a New Favorite Color...

Just finished another few brooches. The part that is the most fun about these, is the picking of the unique color combos. They all take on a life of their own when the colors get mushed together. No 2 are the same. Here is my new favorite. I think purple is my new favorite-too bad it is such an extremely hard color to find in old wool sweaters! Here is a peek at the new brooch.


  1. Hi! I was wondering if you could do me a big favor??!!! Could you PRAY PRAY PRAY for this family? They have a child who has cancer along other struggles. It is heartbreaking and they need as many prayers as we can give them!

    Thank you sooo much!

  2. Absolutely Janessa! Thank you for letting me know!

  3. So glad I found you! I love your fabrics on etsy. Now I can enjoy seeing your creations. Monique xx