Sunday, October 17, 2010

When do I sew?

My husband just handed me a warm cup of sleepy time tea, which is code for "You need to get some rest" after listening to me cough and cough. Fall is my favorite season by far, but with it comes months of allergy mayhem, sore ribs, difficulty sleeping, blah blah blah;). And the cold season has taken our home as well, and even tough the disinfectant spray is at my side arming me for battle, I have been taken down with a cold. So, what do I do when I get sick, I cozy up on the couch with my favorite quilt, softest pillows, pop on the TV, and that lasts all of 10 minutes! Actually what happens when I get sick, I sew which is no surprise because I sew when I am happy, I sew when I am mad,I sew when I am sad, I sew when I pray, I sew when I am bored(never happens), I sew when I can't sleep, I sew when I should be asleep, I sew when I watch TV, I sew when the kids are watching TV(helps me keep a close eye on what they are filling their minds with), and so on.

So back to what I was trying to get to, when Friday hit, and school was done for the week, it was time to crash. Matt came home from work and said he really would like to go see one of our students play in a football game Friday night, we always wish there was more time to do that, so I was excited for him to go do that! After the kids were in bed, I snuggled in at my cutting table for a bit and worked on some mitten designs. I did a bit more yesterday when I was up to it, and was able to get some sewing done this afternoon in between making caramel apples with the kids, and watching Madison and her best friend Emily work on a lip sync.

Here are some of the works in progress and some of the finished pairs.
These are a few pairs that are in the works for a friend. I have the rest of the pieces cut now waiting to be sewn up. Here is one of the finished star pairs.
I finished another pair of the fallen tree mittens and have them listed in the shop. Truly season inspired!
This design I first made for a friend and have begun putting some more of them together for the shop. They are my holly berry mittens. They are in the shop now.
A fun new pair of little blooms for a young girl of around 5-8 years old. In shop tonight.
And I realize that most of my mittens are girlie-so with that thought, I have added some star design mittens. They are for 5-8 years old approx. In shop tonight.


  1. I sew when I'm sick too! I have had horrible allergies the past few weekends and of course, they have been some of my most productive weekends in a while. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Jennifer :)

  2. Amanda - I am truly amazed at how much you get done - why just keeping up with your kids is a full-time job itself - then there is school for them, then the shop, then everything else! You are an amazing force of energy!