Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holding Loosely to my Plans

Today, the boys(Matt and Cole) were out the door bright and early for a day in Chicago. Matt takes both youth groups to the city every year with the lesson in mind "be ready to fill a need". The kids all bring back packs full of food, hats, mittens, etc to hand out to the homeless. This year, they once again had around 100 with! Quite the sight, all gathered at the train station! It is a long day in the cold and walking, and my little ones would not quite make it, so I stay home-especially since my number one babysitter had the nerve to go with them:)

The girls and I spent a few hours this morning cleaning, and then they all went out to play in the beautiful winter wonderland that had arrived overnight. I never tire of the squeals that occur when they first open their eyes in the morning and see the first snow fall! After lunch, they all suited up again for a second round out in the snow, and I was all set to sew for a few hours.
This was my pile of mittens and hats all ready for me.

But about an hour into sewing, Joslyn came running in to get me. Madi had hurt her wrist and was struggling to get into the house. Madison had rolled a snowball the size of herself! And when it got to heavy to roll anymore, she backed up and took off running at it to get it to move. IT DID NOT MOVE-but her wrist did! After getting her all dewinterized and calmed down, I iced, elevated her wrist, and gave her some IB profen. But in a few hours it was obvious she needed to be seen by a Dr, I could not even move her wrist without causing extreme pain to her. Matt was already on his way home from Chicago by that point, so when they got home, I fed him and Cole when they walked in the door, and we then took Madison to the ER. We were actually a bit surprised to find out from the X Rays, that she did indeed fracture her wrist. So she is in a splint to immobilize the wrist and we will be seeing an Ortho Dr on Monday to get a cast put on.

I think what has really helped me to love being a mama of 5 kiddos, is learning to hold loosely to my own plans, after long weeks of school, ministry, work, etc-the weekend is welcomed with a sort of sigh of relief and especially when it seems that there may even be some quiet time that is unscheduled. But most of you know, that can change in a heartbeat. But instead of getting frustrated, I am learning to take a breath and count my blessings. It is so easy for "plans" to become an idol, to become all important, but they are only things themselves and are just not as important as those we love. Today I needed to put that into practice-all those projects waiting-didn't get done-but I was able to make some memories (even in the hard times) with Madison and Matt. I know some day, she will look back and laugh at this, and hopefully she will not attempt to win a battle with a monster snowball either!

And of course, the Lord's timing is perfect-Ellie once again has been a soothing balm for Madison after a hard week-first with the loss of her guinea pigs and now her wrist. Ellie is playing the roll of Nana from Peter Pan-taking such good care of the kids.

She made sure to help keep Madison's arm elevated.


  1. I am sorry to hear about the the dots on the mittens and hats.

  2. Sorry to hear about the wrist! I bet that would have been one awesome snowman. :0)

    That doggie is Won.Der.Ful.

    How cool is your youth group? I love the service idea. Our church is teeny tiny and I hope it grows enough that we have a youth group when my boys are teens. Right now we have about 6-8 kids in our SS, which includes kids from 4-12. And only 2 kids (bro and sis) who are youth group age. So we do a lot of inviting of friends, which sometimes works. All in the Lord's time I guess. I truly believe we will grow. I want my kids to be able to experience things like your husband does with his group. Very cool.

  3. so sorry about your little girl. i'll be praying for her. that photo of her and the dog is so precious! and thanks for the reminder about holding loosely to our plans. that is so true, now that i am a mother of five little ones as well now. thanks for being such a wonderful example to me as a Godly mother. :)

  4. So sorry to hear about the broken wrist. Yes, we all have to let go of our plans and use God's provisions to show us what we need to do and when. It's just such a hard lesson for this mommy to learn!