Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nursing the Pig Back to Health...

We have been sad to lose 4 out of our 6 guinee pigs this fall to some sort of virus that has obviously spread amongst them. The 2 that are still alive are not doing well at all and we have been preparing for the inevitable. It has been especially difficult for Madison since she is the one who has taken such good care of them these past 3 years. Today it looked as though Red was in his last minutes when I checked on him, but Madison and I began to try some new things with him to see if we could help him. So today she has been working hard to nurse "Red" who is our oldest pig, back to health. I found she had cleaned out my coupon drawer in the kitchen, which is where she does school each day, and had made a little bed for him so she could keep him hydrated throughout the day. I am quite proud of her for this. Still are not out of the woods with Red, but certainly hopeful.


  1. I still remember when my husband created a way to put oxygen into the tank for our pet rat, Holly, who was having difficulty breathing. It helped for awhile. Thank you, Madison, for being so caring and resourceful.

  2. I will pass that on to Madison, I know it will be appreciated. They may be little creatures, but it sure is hard to see them suffer so. And my heart is of course just crushed for Madison each time we have to go through another death.