Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's Back Up a Bit...

As I was writing tonight for bell's birthday-I had this awful feeling in my gut that I missed sharing about my sweet Joslyn's birthday which we celebrated almost a month ago. Sure enough as I was looking back over my posts, I had not. I realize now that I had thought I did because I had shared about it on facebook. Oh, sometimes this cyber world thing is too much to keep track of and sometimes I just have a hard time capturing how precious my little ones are to me or how amazing a moment is.

Joslyn turned 9 this year-and we are looking so forward to having her first birthday party when it gets a bit warmer! She is our easy going, peaceful, wild joker-yes, she has a very unique and priceless combination of character qualities. She can bring laughter to some of the most stressful situations as well as humble you with the most genuine of compliments that you know has not been used carelessly. Joslyn is our middle child-she is that in two ways-she is the middle of all 5 kids and she is also the middle of the 3 sisters. I know so often there are "sterio types" for middle children-but honestly-what a precious gift they are to a family! She is this amazing and lovely creation that bridges the gap between all of the kids. I have no doubt that the Lord has a unique purpose for her in this life and certainly in this family as well!

The kids each spent time writing some special cards for her.

Matt and I took Jos out for lunch-this year we actually ate in the mall because she had something special in mind this year:) We got her ears pierced!!

She thinks it was worth the pain-but boy did it sting.

Sadly this year, just after Christmas, Joslyn's sweet Thumper died. We all had gotten a very bad case of the flu over Christmas and we believe her bunny caught it as well but just couldn't make it through. Joslyn handles sadness differently than our other girls-tears are not the first way she expresses sadness but with Thumper-oh, those precious tears flowed. That sweet bunny had been so very important to her. So timing for getting a new bunny was just around the corner with her birthday and we were all excited for her to find a new little creature to care for.

Meet Spots-the new love in Josie's life.

Her birthday fell on a Friday this year so we were able to have Grandma and Grandpa out for the day to celebrate. Grandma made the most rich and yummy dessert for her. So blessed and thankful to have another year to celebrate her life. She has always been my most perfect and best birthday present ever! She arrived right after my birthday! My heart had been broken after loosing a baby over Mother's Day the year before and her birth was a healing gift from the Lord. One that we talk about often with her. Her life always teaches me to trust the Lord and His perfect plan. And that He has an amazing plan for her life! Love love love this beautiful girl!

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  1. & happy belated birthday to her! I loved reading these birthday posts. What a blessing that have been to me!
    The bunny is just darlin'! {I've always had a soft spot for the bunnies since I was litlte!}
    I also really love the crowns they get to wear on their birthdays!

    -Many SMiles!