Monday, March 7, 2011

Tinker Bell Is 6!!!

Today was a day spent celebrating Bell's life! She turned 6 today-how is that possible! She is a gentle spirit filled with thought and laughter and always sees the best in others, I am so moved by that in her. Each time we sat today , she was spilling over with thanks to Jesus and had so much to share with Him about her birthday. Her faith and trust in Him is precious and she has taught me so much about Him!
We started the day with donuts-sprinkles of course!!

Cole made this scarf for Bell and she just absolutely adores it!! What a joy it was to see him work on this for her. Matt and I came home from our anniversary trip and he had been crocheting it for her while we were away. She wore it all day-I had to convince her it was best to take it off when we were eating!

Bell had her heart set on getting some calico critters for her birthday, and I was finally able to locate some yesterday-whew! I remember my sister playing with these when we were little. They are really such sweet little toys! The quilt she is playing on was my gift to her. I was able to make it while Matt and I were away for our Anniversary. I made a matching quilt for Elizabeth, her doll who comes with her everywhere.

Lots of fun making the cupcakes together!! Everyone pitched in at some point. I love these days when we are all together and focused on the same thing! Such a blessing!

We even lit the candles a few times for Noah's sake. Everyone wants to blow the candles out right!

And we ended the day with sprinkles:) It is the simple things that bring so much joy!

Talking with Grams and Gramps and sharing all about her day. It was a good day.

All tucked for the night and I have to mention this-it just cracked us up. After Matt and I's lunch with Bell today(Red Robin-yum!), she wanted to stop at the "treasure" store(aka the thrift store-can't imagine why she likes thrift stores-LOL) Joslyn had given Bell some birthday money and that is where Bell wanted to look. See that red monster in the corner there. It is halarious-it was still in it's box, brand new and it sings "Sugar Sugar" that super fun oldie but goodie! We giggle everytime she presses his foot and he begins to dance and sing.


  1. Happy birthday to her!
    It sure looks like it was one blessed day! Now I really want a sprinkly donut though! :D {I had my first one ever during the summer.} That red monster sounds like a ton of fun!
    I'm glad y'all had such a wonderful day!

    -Many Smiles!

  2. Oh my - I love the story about stopping at the "treasure" store!! It's so fun to see what kids stop and pick as their treasure or treat - sometimes not what we would think. :)

    So fun to catch little bits of your life - your birthday celebrations are so full of joy and sweetness.