Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Weekend Improvements....

It has been almost 7 years since this room had some TLC. The last time I painted this was 8 months pregnant with our little Bell. Since then, the room has gotten one more tenant. It now sleeps one teenager who loves Star Wars and one toddler who loves Thomas:) Yes, a very unique combination, but I think we have made it work. Here is the work in progress. We have finished the ceiling, walls, and some of the furniture. We still need to finish the trim, it is the last room in the house to get a white facelift to the trim. There is one more dresser and shelf that need to be painted. I even received the approval from my Coleman via "facebook." I believe his post read something like this- "my room is finished being painted, it is awesome." Perfect. The scary realization came across me though as I was painting. If this room goes another 7 years before being painted again. That sweet 13 year old boy will be a young 20 year man-ouch!

Here is the before...

And the after...
This past year I collected different globes for a mobile above Noah's bed. It looks so much better against the grey walls.

This picture of an old diesel train, was actually taken by my Dad over 35 years ago. It was the train my Mom rode everyday for work before they were married. They gave it to Noah this year for Christmas! It has got to be the most favorite of gifts for me(and Noah is amazingly fond of it as well-he told me I hung it in the wrong place-he couldn't look at it while he was falling asleep-it used to be on the side of the bed-I think i will be moving it!)
This collection framed on the wall are old schematics of how to fix a color TV. I found these up in MN last year and was completely fascinated with them. The boys have graciously let me display them in their room:)

Bell and I had some alone time tonight, so she was thrilled to do some painting with me. She has painted so often with me now, that she is quite good at it and I surely appreciate the help and company!
I am loving the look of the dressers!!

And I finally snuck up and captured a picture of "the Boy" -He never lets me take pictures-and I now know, it is not that he hates his picture being taken, it is a game he likes to play with his mother! That is alright, I am getting smarter and sneakier:) Gotcha my boy!


  1. i love it!!! i especially love that idea of hanging the vintage globes up on the ceiling! so clever. :)

  2. It looks great! I love the globe mobile-that is an amazing idea. :)


  3. I love it! I love maps and globes. I saw a globe at a yard sale the other day, and I thought of your mobile because I remember seeing it in an older post. I so would have bought it if I had anywhere to put it right now. It definitely made me think of how I really do need to start a hope chest.

    -Many smiles!


  4. love the jedi sheets! my boys would fight over who got those on their bed. and the globes hanging from the ceiling is just brilliant. love the whole room :)