Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Noah's Temptation

We have a new Hydrangea Bush to put in this year. I am still waiting to figure out exactly where I want it and our little Noah, who is 4, has been very taken with it. He asks me quite often if he can pick some flowers from it. He is always loitering around it out in the back yard, studying it and commenting on it design. I continue to gently tell him no and that if we pick them, we won't be able to watch them grow each day.

But this afternoon, all of the sudden Noah comes in the back door just sobbing, all upset, hardly able to get the words out. Yep, you guessed it- Temptation had gotten the better of him. He had picked some- and the girls' had been nice enough to remind him of how much trouble he was going to be in-thus the sobbing. But when I saw him and how incredibly upset he was, I couldn't help but feel his pain. There are some tears that are shed because of the trouble and consequence that is going to befall them and then there is the tears that come because they are truly sorry and are distraught over what they did, that is what Noah was feeling. I could hardly blame him, they are quite entrancing and are just begging to be picked. So, he handed me the flowers with those tears rolling down his cheeks and we went to the kitchen so I could show him how we could enjoy them for a few days. I must say, I do like having them to enjoy inside.

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