Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Long But Good Day...

Ending another day well. It was a busy day, lots of in and out and I am really ready for my pillows! The funeral Matt and I went to today was for a special man in our church. I did not personally know him, Matt works with his brother and we desired to be there to grieve with friends and church family. But I was extremely moved by the telling of his life and the glory he brought to the Lord!

Did you ever have a friend show their love and excitement so gently and quietly but it spoke volumes!? Before the funeral began, one of the sweet women from church who is recently widowed, walked behind where I was sitting in the funeral, she quiet stopped right behind me, leaned down and kissed my forehead-it was with excitement for this new baby. She did not have to say a word to me, the smile said it all. How amazing is the family of God!! Deb and her husband Mike, before he went to be with the Lord after a very long battle with illness, had spent time helping me during my pregnancy with Bell when I was really sick. Mike sat at the edge of my bed and talked PICC lines, and meds with me,and listened to my thoughts, Deb helped with administering my meds via IV as she was Mike's primary caregiver in illness and had great experience in these things. They fed my family, did my laundry and loved on our little ones. Even though Mike was ill, and life was difficult for them, they still served others. I treasured the time they spent at our home, and Deb has continued to be a blessed example of service in my life, so that sweet little kiss just overjoyed my soul, she was rejoicing with us for this new baby.

On a less important note, we finished the new TV table last night. Here is a finished peek. I am happiest to have the shelf for the kiddos' creative tools. They have been on the tables up here meaning we still have to move them each time we eat. This way they are still out but accessible.

Bell and I had a good time in school this morning.

I was able to get a pair of mittens done for a friend today. Fun to drop that off as a surprise when she gets home.
Tomorrow is my first official Dr Appointment-Fun! Bright and early and then time to get ready for family and Thanksgiving.

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