Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 3- I Must Count My Blessings....

Mondays are always one of my favorite days. It is Matt's day off and I love having him milling around the house all day. It gives us a chance to run errands to together as well. It is just more fun having a friend with you when you are doing the boring stuff. Today we had the day off of school to work together on some projects needing attention a little sooner because of the news we received last week. We did a bit of what feels like spring cleaning, but it was needed not just for the baby on the way, but more for Thanksgiving company. Either way it sure feels nice!! Madison wanted the job of laundry, and she pretty much ran the machine all day! It takes a lot of the day just to get all of our rag rugs around here done. I have decided to pack some of them away until either later in the pregnancy or after the baby comes. It is one less thing to have to keep up for us. The are always one of Ellie's favorite things to lay on, so washing them is all too regular.

So, here were my realizations today;) We are really starting all over again around here with the baby. Our youngest is 4 1/2, and we thought he was the "baby" and decided with the growing family and lessening space, to give up most of the baby essentials-like swing, stroller, car seat, glider(which is actually a planter in my yard now!) etc. It feels weird to be at a place where we have to baby shop again. Noah and Bell were only a bit over 2 yrs apart, so we did not even really baby shop for him.

But here is a "kind of" first though that is fabulous!! I have no children in diapers during this pregnancy-I haven't experienced that since I was expecting my first 14 years ago!! Wahoo-talk about a bonus on the morning sickness front;)

Something that will have to work itself out and I am praying for the Lord's timing on this one! Just found out yesterday that my brother in law is getting married two weeks after the baby is due-Matt is the best man. HUM?? What if baby is late? And even if baby is on time, how do we travel out of state with a wee one so tiny? I may be a mom of five, but I haven't done that one yet;) The wedding is something I would be crushed to miss-he's my brother! But I know the Lord will work it out-funny timing Lord:)

But, onto the blessings...

Blessing One-I have had a good day physically- no lurking signs of queasiness- and let's face it, each day without that is fabulous!!

Blessing 2-Matt and I went hunting today for about an hour. We needed a safer TV stand in our living room. That was in the plans even before baby. Our TV has been temporarily sitting on an old little coffee table and the DVD player on the floor(not a very good way to ensure it lasting:). I wasn't in a big rush until last week, but knowing we would need to team up to rework whatever we found, I knew it needed to be done soon. Thankfully, we found one. I wanted a dresser that we could take the drawers out of and build in shelves. There were not alot of choices today, but there was the perfect fit.We are in the process of priming and painting it. Matt has already built in the shelves. Cole helped him this afternoon to dismantle it. They are quite the pair!
I will share pics of the "after" tomorrow.

Blessing 3-The kiddos were able to ride bikes and play outside today. The weather is crisp but not too cold to enjoy being outside. I even sat out front for a bit after dinner deeply appreciating the cool air! The house just feel too warm for me right now.

Blessing 4-The girls cleaned out the van while playing outside-oh was it overdue-how does that mess happen!! I think I am going to have to do a "security check" before allowing anyone in the vehicle with contraband toys, food, clothes, etc!!

Blessings 5- Another great dinner around the table. And with a new recipe! It was a winner-most of the family loved it(and with 7 tastes-"most" is highly successful! Matt will not mind making it! I enjoyed making it myself. It is a recipe I found on Pinterest(oh how I have fallen for that wonderful piece of heaven online).The recipe comes from blog It is chicken stuffed with chives and cream cheese and then rolled with bacon-so not healthy-but so tasty every once in awhile!!

Blessings 6-Did finish up on some made to order -orders. Happy to have them accomplished and in the mail! But not much sewing besides that.

Blessing 7-All of the kiddos cleaned out closets and drawers today. Out with the things that don't fit. It will help me in the next few weeks to deal with any needs so Matt does not have to.

Blessing 8-Matt and I found a fantastical (yes, one of my favorite movies is Ramona and Beezus)winter coat for Cole today. It is in perfect condition and quite new. It was only $8.50. Even better-Cole likes it!! That was a huge load off of my mind and now everyone has their winter coats for this year. Thank you Jesus!!

Blessing 9-Matt actually found my old maternity clothes up in the attic- amazing. I didn't keep very many, but the few I did will be extremely helpful in stretching the wardrobe. I also found a pair of brand new maternity jeans at the thrift tore today for $4-yippee-they do not fit yet(that is a blessing in itself):). But I know they will sooner than I want.

It was another blessed day!!

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