Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Addition...

This time, "new addition" is not referring to our super cuddly newest little guy;).  It is actually about a new item I am going to be adding to the shop through the next few weeks.  I have made these for our kiddos in the past few years as a special treat for their birthdays.  These crowns are wonderful for replacing the throw away party hats that you mind as well just open your wallet up and dump the money straight in the garbage for!  That always killed me, a whole 5 minutes of wear after each year the kids deciding those horrible rubber bands that went around their necks,  were too uncomfortable and painful and the hats they just loved in the store, were tossed.  These crowns have been a wonderful new tradition around here in the recent years and they are a keepsake the kids can have from their childhood. 

The crowns are made from recycled fabrics-they are quilted-reversible-and have an elastic band in the back to allow for comfort fit.  This is the first crown added to the shop-more to come.


  1. Hey, Amanda...I have a question. Have you considered creating a pattern for things like this so those of us who like to sew or want to make a matching one for a dress, for example, can make one for themselves? I would buy a pattern for sure!

    1. Amy-I have been meaning to replay for awhile now! I hope that someday I can begin creating patterns for the things I make. I have not quite figured out to get what is in my head down onto paper yet. I can make it happen with fabric, just not words-someday. I appreciate the encouragement though!;)