Thursday, August 30, 2012

Special Gifts and The Little Men's Room...

As many of you know, months ago, with Israel's arrival fast approaching, we went through a major in home rearrange of bedroom spaces.  7 out of the 8 of us moved to new bedroom spaces to fit everyone. We are all pretty much settled in now with just little projects to finish.  But I never did post a picture of the room we have done for Noah and Israel)the little men in our lives.  So here is the new space.

Noah's Thomas Corner of the world.

We, for the first time in this house, have put their toys in their room.  We do not have a playroom any longer in the basement, but we do have a bit more space in the bedrooms now-so this is pretty fun.  I was so grateful for the wooden shelves we found at a thrift store last year($8 each)  Even better than having to build them ourselves.

And we were so incredibly blessed with this new crib which was a gift from my sister and brother in law.  I am just in love with it.  We received it a little over a week ago and Cole built it for us.  Such a beautiful piece of furniture and it will become a bed for Israel when he is older.

And here is the reality of how the room usually looks;)  See, Noah has really missed sharing a room with Cole- and since Izy is not old enough yet to be in the room with him, Noah has been sleeping in the girl's room.  He does not like being alone.  So, Noah's bed has become the temporary dumping sight for laundry needing to be sorted.  I never have to worry about it being in the way at night if we do not get to it during the day.

And I had to just share this because getting sweet baby gifts are so fun!!  I had ordered some vintage star wars bed linens this week from a friend's shop on etsy(eagerhands).  And with it arrived these sweet little treasures!!  Super cute little onsies and a heavenly soft hat made by her mama!  What a sweet and unexpected surprise!  Thank you!!!  Fun to see how this new little man in our lives is so loved!

Almost 6 weeks old-sniff sniff-it is going to fast!!

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  1. oh, i'm so glad you liked the goodies!! :) it made me smile really big to see them in the photo! hugs, lora