Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 8-Pair of Mittens a Day

Took a small break while Matt and I were at the Desiring God conference in Minneapolis this past week.  It was a blessed trip and as always, encouraged Matt and I to keep seeking the Lord in our lives, in our ministry and in our family.  Gave Matt and I some quiet time together, something we have not had all to much of since our youngest was born this summer.  We took Israel with and enjoyed being able to really focus on him, really soak in all the little wonders of a newborn and how fast they learn and develop their little personalities.  Israel spent the majority of the conference cuddled in my moby-which is something I wish I had had for all of the other kiddos!! We were staying downtown and were able to walk to the conference center from our hotel.  Neither of us wanted to mess with a stroller, we are kind of bias to holding him as much as we possibly can-since he is our last and we already know full well from the older 5, how very fast it all goes.  But, yes, the arms can only hold out so long, so the moby is a fabulous invention!!  Anyways, I am back to work and school, I am just about caught up from being gone and did finish one pair of mittens today.

Normally I use quite a few different sweaters in one pair of mittens, but in this pair it was fun to use just one.  I really loved the colors!  I used a brown houndstooth fleece to line them-so cuddly.

I did make one pair while I was gone-but this was a gift for a special friend of mine.  I was finally able to meet a special little man-our best friends' from college son.  Oh wow, is he a cutie!!  And what a blessing to see them!  There is something precious about friends from your youth and that is something I really needed right now!!

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