Saturday, October 13, 2012

Making Little Bits of Progress on a Rainy Weekend...

It's one of those perfect weekends for getting some much needed little projects of odds and ends done around here.  It is rainy and cozy, there are a couple of us gone at camp this weekend and some little ones just craving some playtime.  So, I have the cans of paint crowding the kitchen table-all kinds of fun colors needing to finish those unfinished projects, touch up those beat on floor boards and walls, and perk up some newly purposed furniture.  Little projects, easier to take a bite out of with a wee babe at my side and fun to see finished after months of 'needing to get around to it someday".

This shelf has finally gotten a good paint job and has also found the perfect spot and function(for now at least)  And my collection of type writers finally can be out of the way but on display too.  Won't that be fun a new crawler in a few months;).
And the old dresser that has had uncountable uses over the years, is the perfect fit for a changing table for Israel.  He's only 3 months-not bad-right?!  It is a fresh new coat of gray and the mirror is just my most favorite part.  Israel is so fascinated by it and I fascinated by him in turn!  I am hoping to get a new cover made for the changing mat, but for now the fun quilt will do.

Lots of white tables, doors and base boards are being freshened up-wow, do they take a beating from us!

We also needed a bit more seating upstairs and had 2 oversized ottomans who were a bit overbearing for a house our size, so I put them in the corner to make a cozy nook to lounge.  Problem solved.

I also wanted to share about this amazing rug I now have in our living room.  My mom made it!!  She did this for my birthday this past year.  It took 7 months of work-isn't it beautiful!  We originally planned to add red on the outer edge, and maybe still will, but I couldn't wait any longer-it was just too gorgeous not to steal from her!!  She does amazing work.  You can see some other rugs she has available in her shop.

And the girls are looking forward to painting one of their dressers and shelves later today.  So rain, glorious rain, keep it coming!!  Nothing better than a cozy cup of hot cocoa on a rainy fall day after accomplishing some much needed up keep!

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  1. Your blog is comfort to my soul. I love how family and Christian oriented it is. I love your home! I'm now on the search for embroidery hoops to make some wall decor. :-) way to go on getting so much done this weekend. Your rug is absolutely beautiful! I adore braided rugs.