Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Pair a Day is Now Over...Now the Work Begins...

Wasn't quite sure when and if the mitten season in the shop was going to begin, so I just kept plugging along, working with what supplies I had for this year.  My shelves were getting plump full and then it happened...they disappeared;)-Within a two day period of time, over 30 mittens were on their way to their new owners...So now...mittens, mittens, mittens in the early morning hours and the wee nighttime hours...maybe even a few in between dinner cooking, classes taught, feeding and cuddling the babe, etc.  But I am having fun once again with the creating of unique new mittens!!  Here are some of the mittens that are restocking the shelves.

Blueberry pie that was only in the shop for 10 minutes ;)

Orange Julius -rested on the shelves for an afternoon...

Grape Jelly is heading of with Orange Julius...

and a lovely romantic neutral is on it's way to a new home as well.

Here is a romantic neutral pair just listed this afternoon.

And a new pumpkin patch pair just added to the shop.

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