Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Peek at What's Happening around our Home...

Usually Matt and I get away for a few days over our anniversary, with 6 kiddos and Matt being in full time ministry, it is very good for preserving our marriage-not just to get by, but to thrive.  But this year for our 17th, it just couldn't happen.  We needed the budget for braces, drivers ed and a 40 year old kitchen that was falling apart.  While we certainly miss the quiet of that trip, the slow pace and just being "US", we are making the best out of the things needing our attention.

Here is a peek at us knee deep in the kitchen repairs.

                                                This is the BEFORE....
 horrible 70's white speckled laminate that has worn away and is impossible to clean.  A gorgeous(not) brown sink and range which barely works(unfortunately the oven is the same and will not be leaving us quite yet since it still works.)
 The funky copper tiles are leaving us...

The door between the boy's room and the kitchen has been walled off for over a year but unfinished-the eyesore is going to be taped today(professionally-Matt and I stink at taping!)

We are actually closing up the pantry-it is so narrow and awkward and keeps us from using either of those walls for anything else.  We are going to bust into it from the boys room on the other side for a much needed closet!
 Here is the used dishwasher we were given years ago(hopefully it works)  we are finally cutting out a space for one-Never had one before!  The kids are thrilled-imagine that!
 Counter tops out!.....  The cabinets will be sanded down and painted a light gray.
 Butcher block wood counter in!!  All natural-I am beyond thrilled!!

The new sink is in.  Very big...very deep and I love the new faucet!  We had originally picked out an old farmhouse style apron sink at Ikea, but found it wouldn't work with our current cabinets.  This is the next best thing! And it is baby bathing heaven!!  Life still goes on in an unfinished kitchen:)

And our new range.  We have had it for a few years as well but couldn't put it in until we were ready to make the other changes at the same time.  We had purchased it at a yard sale and it works fabulously!!

 And this is my inspiration for color!!  I just received it in the mail today-perfect timing before I get ready to paint!!

Still a crazy amount of work ahead of us and the vacation time is starting to dwindle-not to mention how tired we are.  But knowing this work will be well worth it-to have a working kitchen!

Friends brought us dinner last night in the middle of a crazy snow storm, which was a huge God send! Thank you thank you thank you!  I finally went to bed at 2am last night and Matt sometime after that-we need to be to a certain point before Matt goes back to work on Friday-and we are celebrating Bell's 8th birthday tomorrow.  So today is the crazy day to get us to the finish line.

I must say-I am so blessed that Matt is willing to tackle the electrical and plumbing in this old house-makes the impossible, possible for us!  He rocks.


  1. Oh my goodness! Amazing - I love it all. Especially that fabric!

  2. Your kitchen looks great! I love the counter tops and your sink!! I am pretty sure my parents had that same copper tile in their house many years ago :) We actually just redid our kitchen too and it makes me so happy!

  3. gorgeous! i LOVE that sink (and the baby in it is the best part! :) )