Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We're Getting There(In the Kitchen)...

Well it has been a little over a week since we tore our kitchen apart to make some overdue repairs.  All of the new features are in and built.  Now we are working through paint, trim, cabinet doors, flooring, curtains, and tiling the back splash.  All of those things are fun and allow us to at least use our kitchen while we wait for time to complete them.  Here are some of the pictures of our progress.
 In the basement, on my loom is the beginnings of a rug for the kitchen.  The lighting downstairs is very different from upstairs, but the colors actually do match:)  I used the fabrics I showed in my earlier post, for choosing all of the T-shirts I am using to make the rug.
 This was probably the best of all the changes as far as storage and work space for us!  This is one of the reasons we did away with the old pantry on this wall.  This would not have fit if we had kept it.  I have all of my baking supplies here, it has been heaven to bake and cook!
 This is one of my most treasured finds since we have been married!  An old farmhouse table/desk.  But we just did not have anywhere to use it any longer.  It was killing me not to have a place for it!  But now, I can use it as my island.
 And here is the best part-we added casters to the bottom to not only raise it up to a better height, but it has mobility for wherever I am needing it!  That was a $15.00 fix for giving me a needed island and keeping an heirloom piece in our home!
 Remember, there was a door here to our boy's room.  Look how awesome the wall is now!!  Thankful for professional tapers-it is like it was never there!  I can actually pull my fridge out to clean it without having to rip the door frame off first:).  Hooray!!
 We lost some obvious storage space when putting a dishwasher in for the first time as well as getting rid of the pantry.  I knew we needed to use shelving for storage and therefore needed to figure out a way to have what was out, look nice as well-all without having to rob a bank to buy nice looking storage containers!  So, we picked up 2 big boxes of large mason jars(24 in all) for under $20.00.  Now all of our daily supplies are out and lookin' pretty!
 Can I giggle here!?  We have actual drawers that fit more than a piece of paper!  And not just one drawer, there are 3!  I am using old bread pans to organize.
 Here it is, the corner that used to have the awkward pantry that made using either of the walls for anything, simply impossible.  My hutch there still is waiting to be painted.  But fits just perfectly there now!

And all of the cabinets are painted, just not the door fronts yet.  We sanded them down, primed them, and then painted them.  They are still in the process of getting sealed.  The paint people said we wouldn't need to, but we know from experience, that unfortunately is not true:)  Also-that lovely box above the microwave-a friend built it for us!  Looks like it has always been there.  Before, since we had no cabinets to attach the microwave to, it was on a crude shelf and there were exposed conduit above it along with an unfinished wall that I attempted to cover with a curtain.  I just love this new look!

So, there you have it-we are getting there!  We are loving the dishwasher, having wood counter tops, space, function, meals made at home, finished walls and the list goes on!  Thanking the Lord for the resources to do this much needed work.  I will share more after this weekend when we have more time to get some work done.


  1. It looks fantastic! I love the wall color and your baking area. What a great job. You guys must be so happy with your kitchen now.

  2. it looks so amazing! love all the mason jars. :)

  3. Love it so much! Especially the baking area ... I can't wait to visit and bake with you some day. :)