Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just a Little Project with T Shirts

 T-shirts are kind of on the brain right now ever since I started using them for rug weaving.  There are plenty around waiting for a new life.  So this old T shirt became a trial run on some new little applique ideas I wanted to try out.  The babe can always use little play pants and oh how nice it is to be so tiny that you can get a whole new pair of pants from a T shirt!
 One leg got the fallen tree made from T shirt scraps and the other leg got a little snail.
 I really like the snail and think it will be a new little creature in some new creations for the shop and family.
They are a cuddly pair of pants for the wee one!


  1. Oh my those chunky little baby legs are just too much. Precious beyond belief and I love the pants. They turned out perfect. You are so creative. Sewing is just one thing I have never been good at no matter how hard I try.

  2. so adorable! are those pants hard to make (for beginning seamstresses like me :)) - i'd love to make some for my little ones.