Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So Very Close to Finished...

We are so very close to being finished in the kitchen-Wahoo!  I am so ready to be done, and just in time to begin enjoying the outdoors...and gardening...and swimming....oh how I have missed the outdoors!

Here is what has been happening...
                                             The an update-clean and fresh...
    We use mason jars for our drinking glasses.  Extremely durable.  This shelving unit was actually in our old pantry that we sealed up.  It used to be storage for canned goods.  It fits the glasses just perfect!
 We have half of the flooring in and I am just in heaven with how it is looking!  Better than I imagined!

 I have finished one rug for the kitchen so far.  It is a pillow for my feet.  I took all of the colors from the fabrics I chose and gathered up T-shirts in those colors for weaving the rug.  Hoping to get another one finished for at the sink.  I have been so pleased with how these rugs are holding up through washings.  This rug gets washed every couple of days due to traffic and has fared very well!
 In the fabric for the kitchen, there are numbers throughout the prints.  I decided to add a bit of playfulness to our cabinets and number them.  Not only do I love the look, they are incredibly practical when having 7 people asking you where something is!  All I have to do is tell them what number cabinet to look in-and yes, I have them memorized;).


 And finally, we built a message center.  Easy project from just 5- 1x8 boards and some cork board squares.  We are loving the "pop" of yellow against the grey.

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  1. WOW - it's like a completely different kitchen! How fun - you've done an incredible job. So very you. :)