Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Comfort Food, Need I say More...

So, our family has a new favorite in the comfort food arena. Last year while we were on one of our treasure hunts, we came across a church rummage sale. The church was sending each person home with their cookbook. That was the best treasure yet!!! I have found that any church cookbook is plump full of yummy recipes. No mystery ingrediants! Lots of love and memories to pass on. So, last weekend while I repainted our kitchen, I decided to try out some new recipes from this cookbook. See, I can cook well as long as I never leave the kitchen! If I leave those four walls, I end up distracted with some new project and my masterpiece burns! In between paint coats and peeling wallpaper, I found this new recipe and have now made it twice in less than a week at the request of my kiddos. It is a Chocolate Chip Struessal Coffeecake . It is more like a desert than a breakfast, let's just say brunch.

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