Monday, February 23, 2009

Where to Begin.....

This is a difficult task to begin because I feel as though I have been writing all my thoughts in my head for so long, how can I possibly begin to sort them all out in order to share them! So, have patience with me as I learn a new trick! There are so many of you I want to talk kiddos, my best friend who I am married to, my family, my long lost friends who I miss so, my new friends, our students from church who I wish i could spend more time with, my amazing customers who continually inspire me, and anyone who may be encouraged by the words the Lord has given me.

Instead of trying to go back and capture who I am and what i do, I should probably just take it a step at a time. Hopefully over time, all of that will begin to come together. The most important thing to know about me though, the thing that all else flows out of is that I have a loving Saviour, Jesus God who has saved me from death. My life is set on that truth-THE TRUTH. All else is a result of that, and what an adventure he has given me!!

In this journal, I am hoping to share the simplicity of my life, my family, my work, my days. So many days have passed by in which I wished I had had this little nitch to simply share about the song that encouraged me and changed my heart back to the Lord, or about the funny thing one of my kiddos said, or about the pile of fabric my kids where buried under in my studio, or about the room I just painted with my daughter, the article I just wrote for a really cool magazine, the new things in my shop, or the heartbreaking news that just came over the phone.....

Well today is a fresh start for that!

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