Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Springtime Quilts

One of my favorites to create is a quilt. I have more designed in my head than I will ever have time make. It all began with the birth of my first child, there was nothing like wrapping that fresh new little wonder up in a cuddly quilt. I have gone through many different styles of quilts and have come to be quite fond of making my quilts out of reclaimed bed linens. They are softer than any quilting fabric you can get off of the bolt, the prints are unique and striking, and it is a wonderful way to use the endless resources already available to us-perfectly eco friendly and wise.

I am now quite addicted to free motion quilting. I cannot believe it took me this long to learn this!! I went a bit crazy once I got used to this new technique and as a result, I have 4 new shabby chic cottage and springtime baby quilts in the shop!!! You will have to take a peek!!!

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